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Self Care = Self Love

Yesterday ( 3/3/19) We started a brand new Empowerment series titled Self Care = Self Love. This morning I received this email from one of the participants - I wanted to share it because of the comments about the new…

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The hows and whys of the 2019 Soul Integration Spray

2019 Spray Soul Integration

I started making these sprays back in 2014 to use along with the yearly invocation. What has been truly been confirming and enlightening for me is researching and reading about the components of the spray after I receive the formula from Spirit.

I have not studied Flower Essence or Essential Oil classes and find it so illuminating to read about them after the fact and see the perfection of following guidance.

Below I will share the ingredients of the 2019 spray with you. You may find that you would like to use a particular flower essence, essential oil or elixir in tandem with the spray and invocation. Remember the invocation is most powerful if said daily and use of the spray enhances its potency. The first component is blessed water, always blessed during a channeling in a vessel on a large slab of selenite.

After researching and reading about the ingredients I noticed that many of the elixirs, essences, and essential oils work on emotional stability, grounding and Spiritual connection- have fun reading and working with the 2019 spray combination and any of the components that speak to you. 

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2019 Eclipse Lunations – Sonja Elison

The Eclipse lunations of 2019 seem to me to be telling quite a significant story of our journey here on Earth.  I have been inspired by the pictures that I see in them, to write up a story of what I believe their overall message is.
To recap just a bit, a Full Moon represents the Harvest, the culmination, and is quite powerful, generally for about a month.  You will often feel the energy 2 or 3 days prior to the actual Full Moon.  A New Moon represents a new beginning or new chapter in life.  When they occur in your chart, there will be a new chapter unfolding in that particular area of life.  To give a very simple example, if a New Moon were to occur on one of your Natal Planets in the 2nd house, that would indicate a new “paycheck”.  Either your job would change, or your employer, or how you earn your daily bread.  Similar to Full Moons, New moons last about a month.
Eclipses are intensifications of the energy of Full and New Moons.  Given the above example, if a Solar Eclipse were to occur on a natal planet in your 2nd house, it would likely mean a new paycheck because of a new identity.  Perhaps you would go from being a student to a professional, or quit a corporate job to become an artist or farmer.  The change is quite significant.  The energy of Eclipses last for about a year.  Their strength also varies depending on whether you are in their shadow, physically.  The Solar Eclipse of Jan 5, 2019, will not be as strong as the Eclipse we experienced in August of 2016 (which brought us President Trump), because it will not be visible from the continental U.S.   The Lunar Eclipse of Jan 21, 2019 (Full Moon) will be visible from the entire U.S., and so will be quite powerful.
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New Moon: August 11th, 2018

Greetings in the light, During the Last Full Moon, St. Germaine spoke of the continuing interrogation of our crystalline bodies. As we continue to "lighten" and absorb and digest the greater light vibrations surrounding and penetrating the planet, we need…

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Conscious Breathing

Excerpt from June 2018 Full Moon Channeling – Preparing for July full moon

During the June Full Moon Channeling St. Germaine asked that we all re-listen and do certain exercises that came up during the channeling – below is the excerpt from the channeling where he leads us through the exercises.

 “I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. The tools of the Violet Flame – open your hearts. Open your eyes. Open your minds. Open your cells. Open your bodies. Open your bodies turning them up to receive. I am St. Germain. Open your chakras. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame.

The base chakra at the tail bone and the pelvis – breathing in and tone a low tone. Feel that chakra open and connect you to the earth, to that new, healed, whole mother earth at the base of your body, at the vibratory base of your body – the root chakra. [low tone]

The second chakra, your belly chakra, the lower back below the navel there, between the root, between the hipbones – this is your sacral chakra. Creativity is sprouting within each one of you. Creativity begins to push its way between the shells of the seeds and move around in the second chakra. The vibration is orange. The vibration is coral. The vibration is like the fingers of dawn and the sunset. The vibration is beginning and ending and whole. You are seeking to create. That part of you that desires to create – perhaps you desire to create a little garden, or sew something, or paint something. Perhaps you desire to create food, to put together a meal. Perhaps you desire to create a little card or a note for someone. Perhaps your heart desires to create a tune, a song that you can whistle or play on the piano, a song that you can play on the guitar or cello.

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