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The Merry Month of May

As I sat down to write the May blog, a couple of songs kept going through my head: April Showers Bring May Flowers, and the Merry, Merry Month of May. I have been walking a lot since I came back from Alaska. Sonoma is just bursting forth with flowers, everywhere I look there are beautiful gardens, flowering trees and bushes – it is a glorious feast for the eyes! The downside is that the allergies are blooming as well…

This reminds me that we live in a duel world and that we have duel natures; the reminder keeps me on the path and helps me stay in the moment. In each moment as I breathe consciously, surround the body in the container of light, I am reminded to be mindful and watch my thoughts. In the moment I can capture the old negative thinking and reset the brain with the reminder that I am blessed!

One grand blessing of April was spending time in Alaska with my daughter sharing a wonderful adventure in nature and seeing the aurora borealis! Standing outside in the wee hours of the morning on a starry night in the Alaska cold was invigorating (chilly toes and all) and then the sky lit up with nature’s majesty reminding me again that I am blessed.

Another wonderful blessing in April was a trip to Mt. Shasta in California with my wonderful friends Michelle and Leslie. Mt. Shasta is believed to be one of the most sacred sites on the planet, and the home of the Creator. According to legend, Telos is a crystal city found inside of Mt. Shasta; the city is inhabited by Lemurians – higher dimensional beings. Mt. Shasta draws spiritual teachers and seekers from all over the world. The mountain was veiled in mist while we were there, and we snowshoed to sacred spots, experiencing visions and 5th dimensional energy in the rain. WisdomWord is putting together a vision quest/retreat in Mt. Shasta in 2025 – stay tuned!

On May 1st WisdomWord starts a second round of Opening to Channel workshops. This time we will meet on Wednesdays for an hour and a half to practice tuning in to guidance. Spirit has indicated that the first classes were dealing with receiving from the masculine perspective and now we will be learning to receive from the feminine perspective! I found this guidance to be thought provoking, as I begin to contemplate what nuggets of awareness thinking about this will bring; some early thoughts are “with the masculine way of receiving there might be an expectation of receiving for performance (doing it right, following directions, benefiting from work put in), while thinking about receiving from the feminine it may be more about surrendering (performing without expectation, allowing surrendering).” I wonder what your thoughts might be?  

Upcoming events include an in-person workshop in North Carolina in May, Integrating Higher Frequency Energies Into Your Life & Your World. I am excited to be creating, and co-creating with all of you, a live circle space on the East Coast. Only a few spaces remain in this small, intimate circle so if you are interested please sign up soon – more information about the workshop is here.

Starting in early June we have a new 8-week Sunday Empowerment Teaching Series coming up. In 30-some odd years I have never been so long without a Sunday series, and I am excited to bring them back! Hope you can join us.

Important Upcoming Dates:

May 17th & 18th: In-person workshop in NC, Integrating Higher Frequency Energies Into Your Life & Your World – info & registration here

Thursday May 23rd: May Full Moon Live Channeling Circle

Starting June 9th: 8-Week Empowerment Teaching Series: Deepening Connection to Your Chakras – info & registration here

Monday, Wednesday & Saturday mornings: Free Live Chakra Attunements continue in 2024, email us for the call-in information.

Requesting A Bit Of Your Time:

I invite you to share your review on my new book on Amazon here as books do better with reviews and we would love to get this inspirational book in as many hands as possible to help those along their spiritual journey. For all those who post a review, including those who have already reviewed the book, you will be entered into a contest to win a free personal channeling session with me! The first drawing for the free channeling will be after we receive 25 reviews! If you have not already, please sign up for our mailing list to receive more information (sign up is at the very bottom of this page).

A note about reviews: If you received the book as a gift and did not purchase it through Amazon, you can still leave a review as long as you state that you received it as a gift. Please wait until you have received your copy of the book before writing a review! We understand that Amazon will not publish reviews if they can tell you are writing the review before you received the book, or if you say you are a friend. Thank you for your support! If your review name is unclear that it is you, please email us so we know who you are for the drawing for the free channeling session!


~Melissa Halsey






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