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Melissa Halsey

Melissa Halsey is a renowned spiritual teacher and clairvoyant channel. Melissa had a mystical experience during the harmonic convergence that opened her receptivity to the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm. She has since dedicated herself to teaching and guiding thousands of people. Her focus is to assist you to align with the universal flow and regain your personal power, teaching you to access your multidimensional spiritual nature.

Melissa is the founder of Me, Myself & I Am Productions as well as WisdomWord, a company dedicated to the spiritual realization of humanity.

Melissa holds a Master of Education from Long Island University. She is a Certified Life Coach from the Academy for Coaching Parents International and a Certified Energy Facilitator and Trainer from the International Breath Institute.

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“WOW this was beautiful–had me in tears of gratitude. Thank you SO much…hum yes I have some Goddesses to look up love and blessings to you and your work and service”

~ Carole, California

Team WisdomWord
Other wonderful members of Team WisdomWord include:

Holly is WisdomWord’s dynamic assistant and bookkeeper extraordinaire! She keeps it all moving along smoothly and efficiently. In addition to keeping the lights on and the wheels turning, Holly handles bookings and email management.

Steve is WisdomWord’s audio visual guru. His production of audio clips is much appreciated by many! In addition, Steve manages WisdomWord’s YouTube channel.

Charlene is WisdomWord’s strategic business design consultant! Please visit her company page here.

Merle is WisdomWord’s Scribe–yes, we have an official scribe! Merle transcribes the empowerment teaching calls, forever preserving the wisdom those calls contain.

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