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“I realized in difficult times during my life, the comforting presence of spirit and angels was always around me and have worked to spread that awareness for each individual with whom I work.  To that end, WisdomWord is an offering of over 30 years of collected work in a form that provides tools and guidance to bring awareness and to help you navigate these challenging times.  On top of individual counseling/energy sessions sessions, I have created specific practice tools that can be used daily or in times of need to ground and strengthen a spiritual practice for yourself.  I hope you enjoy exploring the offerings and look forward to hearing from you in times to come.”


Melissa is a renown spiritual teacher and clairvoyant channel.  Over the past 30 years, she has transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world with her dedication to guiding people to recall their spiritual essence, understand their physical reality and integrate this knowing into their daily lives to create a more joyful and harmonious experience.


Melissa offers spiritual counseling, energy sessions, channeled teleconference calls, WisdomWord teachings and workshops, and an enlightened community.

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Feel, Deal & Heal – facing your pain with love brings healing to you now. You are not alone; the Angels are with you.