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Morning Chakra Attunement

June Focus…Healing Your Chakras

Welcome to the month of June – the days are getting longer and the temperatures are heating up! We have several powerful events coming up this month including summer solstice full moon!

On Sunday June 9th we will start a new 8-week empowerment series on the chakras and how to harness their power to heal. (Information and registration is here.) During these 8 weeks we will be looking at how to identify issues in our lives that need healing whether they are physical, emotional, Spiritual or psychic. Chakra healing is a powerful practice that can heal your life in every way. Many of you participate in WisdomWord’s free teleconference chakra attunement call on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings at 8:30 am Pacific / 11:30 am Eastern where we ‘tune-up’ the 7 chakras with sound and visualization; this class will be very beneficial for you. (Call-in information is at the bottom.)

Morning Chakra Attunement

The chakra system originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC and can be thought of as our body’s subtle energy system. There are seven main chakras, each with a unique meaning about our body, life, breath, mind, intellect, and overall sense of well-being. This class will be a deep dive into each one of these 7 chakras, understanding how you can harness the power of the chakra to bring greater balance and healing into various areas of your lives.

A chakra is an energetic vortex that resides in our body that is responsible for a particular theme in our life. For example, the crown chakra represents spiritual wisdom and empathy, while the root chakra represents family and abundance.  Once you understand the subtle energies that each chakra works with you can find ways to bring any chakra that is out of balance back in to divine order and perfect harmony. Once complete, you will see the changes occurring in your daily life as the chakras are important driving factors in every aspect of daily life. We hope you can join us in the Deepening Connection To Your Chakras empowerment teaching series, starting on the 9th.

Also in June we have the summer solstice coming up on the 20th with a full moon in Capricorn illuminating the sky a day later on the 21st.  We will hold our full moon monthly teleconference on the day of the solstice, Thursday June 20th.

Important Upcoming Dates:

Starting June 9th: 8-Week Empowerment Teaching Series: Deepening Connection to Your Chakras – info & registration here

Thursday June 20th: June Summer Solstice Full Moon Live Channeling Circle

Monday, Wednesday & Saturday mornings: Free Live Chakra Attunements; this is a free teleconference, the call in number and code is:
(667) 770-1560

Code is 532085

Requesting A Bit Of Your Time:

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Melissa Halsey

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