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Wisdom Workshops and Compassionate Counseling

Melissa Halsey in Zurich

Melissa Halsey in Zurich

Clairvoyant Melissa Halsey Channels Quan Yin

WisdomWord is a compilation of insights and guidance stemming from the work of Melissa Halsey. Melissa is a spiritual teacher and clairvoyant with over 28 years of experience guiding thousands of people to recall their spiritual essence, better understand their physical reality and integrate this knowing into their daily lives.

Melissa offers spiritual counseling, energy sessions, channeled evenings & teleconference calls, wisdom teachings and an enlightened community.

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  • 10/25/15 Totem Animal Rabbit supported by Salmon

    Rabbit -Fear A long time ago – no one really knows how long ago it was – Rabbit was a brave and fearless warrior. Rabbit was befriended by Eye Walker, a witch. The witch and Rabbit spend much time together sharing and talking. The two were very close.

  • 10/18/15 Totems: Antelope supported by Prairie Dog

    Antelope – Action When time was just beginning and the “Tribe of Man” was small, Antelope saw that the two-leggeds were naked, hungry, and in danger of extinction. The Ancestors would soon vanish from Mother Earth if action were not taken.

  • New Moon Libra 10/12/15

    It’s all about relationship: New Moon    This morning we had a wonderful Sunday call. It started, as it almost always does, with breath. We did some full deep wave breathing. I had started with the breath much earlier as I awoke feeling; well,kind of cranky. The full wave breath…