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Wisdom Workshops and Compassionate Counseling

Melissa Halsey in Zurich

Melissa Halsey in Zurich

Clairvoyant Melissa Halsey Channels Quan Yin

WisdomWord is a compilation of insights and guidance stemming from the work of Melissa Halsey. Melissa is a spiritual teacher and clairvoyant with over 28 years of experience guiding thousands of people to recall their spiritual essence, better understand their physical reality and integrate this knowing into their daily lives.

Melissa offers spiritual counseling, energy sessions, channeled evenings & teleconference calls, wisdom teachings and an enlightened community.

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  • Spring Equinox

    Hi All Spring, has sprung and it is a cool and gloomy morning in Northern CA. We had our first call of the new Sunday series this morning and it was powerful- Quan Yin reminded us that our frequencies are changing and with that change that we are experiencing tremendous…

  • Invocation 2016

    Invocation for 2016 I call on the divine Mother and the divine Father To witness my movement Into conscious unity I AM One – I AM Many I radiate unity consciousness With every breath I take, I AM Every ONE The Earth radiates unity consciousness SHE IS ONE All beings…

  • Animal totems January 3rd 2016

    Hi All the Animal totems for the 1st Sunday of the New Year are Buffalo supported by Porcupine  – looking forward to a lovely year! Buffalo In the Lakota tradition, it was the White Buffalo Calf Woman who brought the sacred pipe to the people and taught them to pray.