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Self Care = Self Love

Yesterday ( 3/3/19) We started a brand new Empowerment series titled Self Care = Self Love. This morning I received this email from one of the participants – I wanted to share it because of the comments about the new 2019 invocation. Each year when I start the practice of saying the new invocation daily I run into the “rising” of some of my hidden shadows. Certain of the stanzas, over the last several Invocations, have tended to push my buttons and I would find myself stumbling over certain words or phrases OR even in some cases, actually changing the around. Persistently practicing the invocations over and over strengthened my commitment to becoming a better human being and brought me a deepening sense of peace and faith that all is unfolding exactly as it should.

“Class one of this series really resonated with me. Part of its core
message that you cannot receive from others what you will not
first give yourself, is something that I’ve always known on an intellectual
level with out being able to effectively operationalize it internally. Using the
information and practices garnered from the Duality Reality and Navigating
the Shift series as foundations, I can already see how this new series will
be the icing on the cake of practical self-care/self support.

One of the best investments in self care that I have ever made is the diligent
recitation/internalization of the 2019 Invocation. One of the beauties of it for
me is that it will not allow me to default as readily and easily to lower patterns
of anger, judgement/attribution and wallowing to which I’ve been accustomed.
More often than not, I find myself responding rather than reacting to circumstances.
I can see more clearly that some of things that I have accepted as hard core
reality about myself are nothing more than long standing negative habits of
self-indulgence- the “pay-off” being that I could give myself a pass on
really doing anything about it. Admittedly, on some lower level of existence,
this was not good news because now I had some work to do!
But like the mind which once having been stretched, cannot shrink back to its smaller
dimensions, I am excited (most of the time) to forge ahead into new possibilities
of and for me.”


Melissa Halsey

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Breathe deeply and remember that you are a child of the light.