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Invocation for 2023

Invocation for 2023 Balanced Awakening I call upon the Divine Mother I call upon the Divine Father To assist all beings awakening from the sleep of ignorance. I AM WHOLE THERE IS NO SEPARATION YOU ARE WHOLE THERE IS NO…

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Invocation for 2022

Invocation for 2022 Divine Guidance I call upon the Arch Angel Raziel to activate the divine light of guidance within me. I am one with the divine light. I call upon the rainbow light of Arch angel Raziel to raise…

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2018 Invocation Fear Not

2018 Invocation Fear Not I face fear with the truth in my heart That love is the way. I am love I shine the light of my divine nature onto The shadows, illuminating my fears. I am Divine love I…

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I am the Mother of compassion; you are transforming old fears now. Trust in your connection to me.