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March Springing Forward

Greetings! We are springing forward with the time change and spring flowers and the new moon in Pieces today (March 10th). The first two months of 2024 have been active and filled with new energy, for many of us it feels like time is speeding by. With our 2024 Invocation we are practicing staying in the moment, pulling back from both the future worries and from the past.

This morning we finished our tenth class in the Empowerment Series Finding Joy with the Six Paramitas. As Mary noted, “Wonderful wrap up of this series. Appreciate the focus of working on our practice and refocus when drifting off. Thank you and do appreciate the recordings and using them.” The last animal totems drawn for this series were elk supported by salmon. No surprise, as elk is stamina (sticking with your practice) and salmon is wisdom (Sixth Paramita). We do need the diligence and patience of elk and the wisdom of salmon that we learn from practicing the Six Paramitas which support us all. If you want to learn more about the Six Paramitas you can listen to the recording of the first class in the Six Paramitas in Buddhism series, where I provide an overview, here. Watch for the next Empowerment Series coming soon.

Our end of February full moon was powerful and enlightening. A lot of information on perspective, vision and the power of the third eye has been coming through lately in sessions and group channelings. Here is an excerpt from The Buddha, channeled on the February full moon:

The indigo comes. I am the Buddha Shakyamuni. I was a man embodied in the earth form, Siddhartha, who became enlightened. I invite all on the planet to become enlightened. I invite you to your enlightenment ceremony. Now open your 3rd eye to see the indigo energy surrounding me. One of the Buddha forms, the Medicine Buddha comes now in this color. Bringing in the Buddha-forms, the many Buddhas who have gone before you, open now to your own Buddha nature – Repeat: I AM willing to see clearly. I AM willing to see clearly. I AM willing to see clearly. I AM open to seeing beyond the edges of my own perceptions. I AM willing to see even those things I am afraid to see.

I am the Buddha. I am with you. I am the Buddha energy helping you reach your own Buddha nature. Reach your stage of enlightenment. Feel the energy tingling in the hands and the feet. You are slowly preparing the body. Feel the vortices inside the body, the spiral vortex and the DNA energy vortices in the body moving. Allow yourself to feel this. You are transforming. Energy is transforming your planet. Energy is transforming your beings. Those of you who open the third eye and see more clearly will see through the destruction and the falling apart of the old world. You will see it as the illusion it is.

I am the Buddha. I am the Buddha and all the Buddhas that have come before. We are with you. You are opening to your own divine Buddha natures. Join us in holding the energy of love, compassion and trust. Breathing in and breathing out – the 3rd  eye, visualizing the indigo, the indigo skin on the Medicine Buddha, the indigo of space, the indigo energy of the night sky. Breathing out and in, use the chakra exercise sound now (the sound is a high-pitched EEEEEE), visualizing that indigo pouring into the 3rd eye and through the body, visualizing those spirals opening up in different spaces in your body and notice what you notice. Notice what you might hear, sense or see, for this is a message to you from Spirit. Breathing in and breathing out. Using the exercise of the high-pitched EEEEEE and then chanting the Sanskrit, sham, sham, and the mantra for the 3rd  eye. Be still and receive.

You can purchase a recording of the entire February full moon channeling here.

Upcoming events include an in-person workshop in North Carolina in May, Integrating Higher Frequency Energies Into Your Life & Your World. I am excited to be creating, and co-creating with all of you, a live circle space on the East Coast. More information about the workshop is here. In March we have the full moon channeling, the continuance of our Opening To Channel classes, and of course the free chakra attunements on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. These Opening To Channel circles have been phenomenal so far, please make sure you are on my mailing list (sign up at the bottom of this page) to hear about when these classes will be offered again.

Important Upcoming Dates:

Sunday March 24th: March Full Moon Live Channeling Circle

May 17th & 18th: In-person workshop in NC, Integrating Higher Frequency Energies Into Your Life & Your World – info & registration here

Monday, Wednesday & Saturday mornings: Free Live Chakra Attunements continue in 2024, email us for the call-in information.

I invite you to share your review on my new book on Amazon here as books do better with reviews and we would love to get this inspirational book in as many hands as possible to help those along their spiritual journey. For all those who post a review, including those who have already reviewed the book, you will be entered into a contest to win a free personal channeling session with me! The first drawing for the free channeling will be after we receive 25 reviews! If you have not already, please sign up for our mailing list to receive more information (sign up is at the very bottom of this page).

A note about reviews: If you received the book as a gift and did not purchase it through Amazon, you can still leave a review as long as you state that you received it as a gift. Please wait until you have received your copy of the book before writing a review! We understand that Amazon will not publish reviews if they can tell you are writing the review before you received the book, or if you say you are a friend. Thank you for your support! If your review name is unclear that it is you, please email us so we know who you are for the drawing for the free channeling session!

~Melissa Halsey

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