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July: Chakra Healing Month

July Greetings – this promises to be a HOT month where tempers and temperatures can flare. The anecdote for anger is love and acceptance: WisdomWord is gifting a chakra visualization exercise as an Rx prescription to heal!

We have a lot going on with the planets and stars, Mars and Uranus are acting up – indicating fiery outbursts. This is a good time to practice patience and balance, do your inner work and stay centered.

For those of you who are participating weekly chakra attunements, you may have heard me mention that I declared July to be “Chakra Healing Month”. Currently we are heading toward our fifth Empowerment Teaching Series class on healing with the chakras. If you have not been able to make the live class, you may want to order the recordings here and join us for the next four classes.

Recently during individual sessions, I have noticed that the chakras come up and Spirit is having folks work with their chakras to speed up bringing them into balance in body, mind, emotions and spirit. Anyone who has a reading booked this month will also receive a chakra reading to see which chakras need strengthening and healing. You can register for sessions here.

In my own awakening, working with the chakras sped up the healing and balancing I needed in order to be able to hold the higher frequencies that are needed coming into this new age.

In Class four of the Empowerment Teaching Series Healing with the Chakras, we focused on working with the fourth chakra – the Heart Chakra – which acts as the bridge between the lower three and upper three energetic vortexes. It is known as a bridge chakra because it is not in the dimension of the first three which deal primarily with the physical body and how we express in the world. 

Located in the center of the chest at the heart level, the Heart Chakra, called Anahata in Sanskrit meaning unhurt/unstuck, is the wellspring of love, warmth, compassion and joy. Its color is emerald green rising to the higher vibration of pink.  Some of the gemstones associated with the heart are: emerald, malachite, jade, rose quartz, green calcite, green tourmaline and aventurine.  The mantra sound corresponding to the fourth chakra is the sound Yum. A special mantra to help expand love and compassion is OM MANI PADME Hum.  You can repeat this mantra in meditation to gain greater access to these qualities.

Below is a visualization chakra exercise that you can use to help heal and strengthen your heart chakra.


When breathing imagine the color green, & breathe deeply in and out to open the channel of the heart. You can imagine yourself at the shore and align your breath with the flow of the ocean waves. Begin to feel the heart expanding and shining outward sweeping both arms outward and upward – spreading green energy throughout the body – expanding your capacity to give and receive love. Lower the arms into the prayer pose and chant YUM as you hold the intention of love and acceptance for self and others.

Note: it is recommended that you do at least five full rotations of breath with the arm movements and chat YUM from three to five minutes, holding the intention of love and acceptance. You can set your phone for three minutes of the chant, and as you practice this over time you can extend the chanting longer. At the end of the chant, allow yourself to go into meditation with your heart chakra giving and receiving love.

Important Upcoming Dates:

Started June 9th, you can still join: 8-Week Empowerment Teaching Series: Deepening Connection to Your Chakras – info & registration here

Sunday July 21st: July Full Moon Live Channeling Circle

Monday, Wednesday & Saturday mornings: Free Live Chakra Attunements; this is a free teleconference, the call in number and code is:
(667) 770-1560

Code is 532085


~Melissa Halsey







Melissa Halsey

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Feel, Deal & Heal – facing your pain with love brings healing to you now. You are not alone; the Angels are with you.