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2020 New Year Channeling – Transcribed

Melissa Halsey

9:11 AM (1 minute ago)
to me


January 1, 2020


Like the gentle rain falling from the sky, the vibration of love, the vibration of flowers comes your way. Your circle of intention of light draws a circle of light around you. You are on the earth. Your crown chakras are open. Your hearts are open. We are reflecting you. You are reflecting us. A circle is gathering in the heavens and we are with you. Like the reflection in a still pool – which one is real and which one is a reflection. We are both real.


I am Mary known as the Magdalene. I open this channeling this evening. I open this transmission this evening. I come, for now is the time to leave the old robes behind, to leave the old bodies behind. Your cells are shedding old memories. Scientifically if you look at the bodies that you inhabit, they release the cells every month or so. New cells are born. The release that is happening now is a release on the cellular level – is a release of old karmic patterns worldwide.


I am Mary the Magdalene. For so long I was seen in one way. See me in the new way. I am that I am. See me as the counterpart of the Teacher, of Jesus. I taught side-by-side and yet I could not be remembered because of history. I had to be seen in a lesser way. Move the cobwebs from your eyes. Move the mists of illusion. See through them clearly. You will be tested in this year. 2020 is a gateway. You are moving through the gateway. You are moving into the new vibratory lane. You have opened it up because your hearts have opened. The heart within you is like a key. It resonates or tones to certain gates and as the heart is lifted to that vibration you open the key to the gates, the keys to the temple, the keys to the temple within the temple within – and you step into the new self, the new world, the new light. Your greatest challenge this year will be releasing doubt – the doubt in yourself, the doubt of your divine nature. Thus you will doubt the divinity in others that you see around you. For as the scales begin to fall away, those that were hiding in the dark will be exposed and that exposure will sometimes be sickening, that exposure will sometimes bring up old fears. Hold fast to the truth that you know. You are divine. Your hearts are open. They are keying to the vibration of divinity in other hearts, in other open hearts. You are finding family. You are finding truth. You are finding conscious community, enlightened community. You are finding one another.

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The fruits of your labor are ripe for the picking. A beautiful blessing is on its way to you now.