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Become a Master

Join the WisdomWord Self-Mastery Program, a 12-month teaching: Mastering Love-Based Embodiment

The New Self-Mastery Program will start in January 2021. Please contact Melissa for information about the Self-Mastery Program.
* This program is limited to 12 students. Reserve your place ASAP

There will be 12 monthly live video conferencing classes (via Zoom) or phone-in. Classes will take place one Wednesday per month for 90 minuets. There will also be one to two monthly mentoring sessions where the students will gather with Melissa to share experiences, ask questions, and strengthen communication with each other and Spirit. This class requires a 12-month commitment. Students will communicate with one another through a chat room and email string.

*Note – if you are in the area where Melissa is teaching you are welcome to join in person.

Past class topics have included:

  • Introduction, building your sacred space, gathering tools, resources, & anchoring the power of the master’s circle in your space and in the higher dimensions of the garden.
  • Developing a connection with your guides, higher self and trusting your inner wisdom.
  • Developing your awareness of self. Understanding reactions and subsequent actions–identifying drivers and belief systems that cling on lowering your vibration & dimming your soul radiance.
  • Entering the void and facing the shadows that chain you to fear-based embodiment.
  • Mastering the Astral plane: Who & what lives there? What you can expect to meet? What protections do you need?
  • Releasing denial spirits, clearing entities, cutting ties with assistance from the angelic realm and particularly Archangel Michael.
  • Nourishing the seeds of love-based embodiment with love and compassion for self and others.
  • Strengthening and protecting the tender vulnerable parts of self.
  • Putting your mastery into Action–reweaving the past.
  • Setting intentions for living a love-based life in a love-based world and wielding your new tools with love and master.
  • Manifesting the life you want to live–understanding and living the divine plan.
  • Full circle celebration – closing.

What you will receive:

  • 12 monthly live video conference classes
  • Mentoring group calls scheduled monthly
  • All participants receive a digital recording of each class and mentoring group session
  • Class outlines & exercises emailed to you
  • 15% discount on any live full-day workshops that will be scheduled during the 12-month Mastery Course
  • Discounts offered monthly to Mastery students and Wisdom Circle members

“I have known Melissa for over 25 years and she has been instrumental in supporting me in becoming the healer I have become today. Over all these years, through private sessions as well as workshops, her teachings and presence have catalyzed transformation after transformation, supporting me in shedding the false self and realizing the True Self. Her spiritual gifts are off the chart, and I give thanks daily that our paths crossed in the beginning of my spiritual journey, and that I had a teacher like Melissa to be the bright light on what was at times a very dark and challenging path.”

Joseph, Doctor of Homeopathy, New York

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You deserve Love. Be kind to your self.