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Full Moon Call

Full Moon October 24th, 2018 – Astrological Thoughts

Full Moon, October 24, 2018
by Sonja Elison

The Full Moon is at 1 degree Taurus/Scorpio with the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio.  The focus of this dyad is our Earth and material possessions and surroundings.  The Moon, in very close conjunction with Uranus, is very explosive.  This is the unstable emotional Moon, so there will definitely be some acting out.  The Moon, being soft, receptive and vulnerable, is being pricked by Uranus, so think of a lightning strike or cattle prod!  Of course the action can also come on the highest level, which would include illumination of our emotional insecurities that are tied to our material being and need for protection.  The connection with the Sun/Venus conjunction underscores that material insecurity may be a substitute for the security which is lacking from a lack of love, particularly in the family home.

As most of us who are parents know, when kids “act out”, it usually isn’t about what they’re acting out about!  It is usually because they are hurting.  As the energy increases in the next few days leading up to the Full Moon, and then wanes afterward, when you see others “acting out”, use patience and wisdom to figure out what they are really trying to say.

Those of you for whom I’ve done astrological reports, know that these energies can manifest on many different levels:  physical, emotional, psychological, sociological, and spiritual.  So, there may be quite a few electrical fires sparked in homes, or earthquakes or storms which destroy homes (physical level).  On the biological level, this could manifest as digestive issues.  On the emotional level, which I think is quite important, we are likely to experience sudden insights into emotional traumas or issues which we have carefully locked away and hidden from our consciousness.  Of course, becoming aware and freeing ourselves of these emotional burdens is important to advancing to higher states of consciousness!  Therefore, this would be a good time for physical energy work such as Reiki.

This level translates easily into understanding the spiritual level.  Meditating on our attachments to our physical possessions should help us to understand at a deeper level, how inconsequential our daily worries and upsets and strivings actually are!  (As I write this, I am of course, having fits over my frustration with my printer!  Just so you know that I realize how very human all of us are!).

The Sun, which is at 1 Scorpio is in a tight conjunction (which means the energies are blended) with Venus!  At a very simple level, again, the heavens are asking us to contemplate whether we are valuing our earthly concerns over our spiritual concerns and our love for each other.  It is amazing how the most simple statement of heavenly energies is often the clearest and most profound message!  To some extent, I feel like I ought to just stop writing now, so that message the last thought you carry with you.

Venus is retrograde however, so its beautiful energy is harder to express.  Introspection, however, is enhanced, so thinking about love in our relationships, and how we do or don’t express it, is favored.  Perhaps during this time, we can understand ourselves more fully as beings of light and love.

Saturn, which has lately been doling out quite a few lessons to learn, is in a positive aspect to the Sun/Venus and to the Moon/Uranus, which seems to indicate that our intuitive awareness, which is heightened, and our ability to be loving and joyful, are both being stabilized and made permanent.  Saturn, at its best, gives wisdom, while Uranus is giving intuitive and creative insight and illumination.  It is helpful to be able to anchor that otherworldly genius in this current world.

Finally, the Full Moon is in square to the Nodes of the Moon.  As I contemplate the picture before me, it feels to me like we are at a culmination point.  The forces of craziness, of insight, of Love, of Ego, which have all been dramatically expressed in the last few years, seem at a climax.  Hopefully, we’ll tend to break toward love and wisdom rather than crazy and greedy!

Good luck!

Love and blessings,

Melissa Halsey

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