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2020 New Year Channeling – Transcribed


January 1, 2020 • 9:11 AM

Like the gentle rain falling from the sky, the vibration of love, the vibration of flowers comes your way. Your circle of intention of light draws a circle of light around you. You are on the earth. Your crown chakras are open. Your hearts are open. We are reflecting you. You are reflecting us. A circle is gathering in the heavens and we are with you. Like the reflection in a still pool – which one is real and which one is a reflection. We are both real.

I am Mary known as the Magdalene. I open this channeling this evening. I open this transmission this evening. I come, for now is the time to leave the old robes behind, to leave the old bodies behind. Your cells are shedding old memories. Scientifically if you look at the bodies that you inhabit, they release the cells every month or so. New cells are born. The release that is happening now is a release on the cellular level – is a release of old karmic patterns worldwide.

I am Mary the Magdalene. For so long I was seen in one way. See me in the new way. I am that I am. See me as the counterpart of the Teacher, of Jesus. I taught side-by-side and yet I could not be remembered because of history. I had to be seen in a lesser way. Move the cobwebs from your eyes. Move the mists of illusion. See through them clearly. You will be tested in this year. 2020 is a gateway. You are moving through the gateway. You are moving into the new vibratory lane. You have opened it up because your hearts have opened. The heart within you is like a key. It resonates or tones to certain gates and as the heart is lifted to that vibration you open the key to the gates, the keys to the temple, the keys to the temple within the temple within – and you step into the new self, the new world, the new light. Your greatest challenge this year will be releasing doubt – the doubt in yourself, the doubt of your divine nature. Thus you will doubt the divinity in others that you see around you. For as the scales begin to fall away, those that were hiding in the dark will be exposed and that exposure will sometimes be sickening, that exposure will sometimes bring up old fears. Hold fast to the truth that you know. You are divine. Your hearts are open. They are keying to the vibration of divinity in other hearts, in other open hearts. You are finding family. You are finding truth. You are finding conscious community, enlightened community. You are finding one another.

We see you. We light your path. We help you guide the way. What is very important to remember this year is that you have allies. Never doubt this. Trust in them. Develop them. You must listen. Listening happens on many levels. You have ears that listen and you understand auditory and sound from those ears. You also have cells that listen. Every pore in your body listens. Every hair on your heard listens. Every hair on your head is an antenna. There is life force within them. One day you may awaken and all your hairs may be standing up straight electrifying with information coming in from many sources. We say that to open your hearts to the amusement of it, but in truth, the hairs on the head were originally transformers, were originally antennae. They could send and they could receive. They mimic the ones that your etheric body has – the ganglia that is above the mental body that connects you to the higher bodies. You are connecting right and light. You are connecting your DNA. You are restructuring your bodies. Love the bodies. Find a way to be less critical of them and more patient with them. Part of the illusion is spending so much time on the outer form. Do not think that the dark shadows do not have fun distracting you away from your own divine beauty by categorizing how one should look – so very narrow-minded.

I am Mary Magdalene. I am lighting the path. I am dancing. I am coming to you tonight for many of you are in my soul family. Many of you are connected to me, the rebel aspect, the aspect of the one who is different before their time, the aspect of the one who incarnated with differences as many of you have in this lifetime – not quite fitting in, having to adjust yourself to another’s way of thinking, another’s way of seeing, not being full of yourself. If you are honest and truthful deep within yourself you will know how many times you have hidden your light and tried to be something else. You have tried to shape yourself into something else that you feel would be more acceptable to society. These illusions are falling away and individuals are seeing the truth more and more, seeing the truth of the light within others. You will begin to see your reflections in the world through the open hearts that you have cultivated.

I am Mary Magdalene. Bringing your palms up to receive, hold them between your heart and throat with the fingers pointing outwards like little wings. Straighten your body and stick out your chest. Feel your tailbone and root it deeply to the new healed whole mother earth. Draw a few breaths in bringing that green energy up the spinal cord. Feel the energy pulsating in your hands and fingertips. Ask now for what you need in the physical. As you pull the green energy up the spinal cord, ask for physical support – support of your organs, support of your blood vessels, support of your brain, support of your heart, support of the physical joints, bones. Make it unique to yourself. You can receive it now and learn how to do it on your own. Ask for that healing energy and support for the physical for the physical is going through many transitions and your outer world with its readjustments to all the chemicals and release of toxins is contributing to that. However you can transmutate all toxins by connecting to the new healed whole mother earth. Let go of the doubts. Believe this. Transform.

I am Mary Magdalene. Ask now from the new healed whole mother earth for what you need. Breathe in and draw the green energy up the spine. Continue to do that and I will ask you to tone 9 times during the process. Start and begin once you start your own process of asking for what you need. The tone will help your body hold that healing energy – not just for this moment, not for the seconds, but hold it as you move forward into each day into each week into each month into this year.

Mentally repeat “I am that I am and I am healing and supporting these areas.” Mentally repeat that turning your palms back towards your body.

I am Michael burning bright bringing the Sword of Truth and Light. I am Michael burning bright bringing the Sword of Truth and Light. I am Michael burning bright bringing the Sword of Truth and Light. There is much celebration for humanity has moved through several gateways and larger and larger amounts of humanity are coming together and opening the gates. This last one that has been open will continue to open especially in the first 6 months of 2020, is gathering more and more souls. The work that you have done on yourselves, the truth that you have stepped into and the truth that you have lived is paving the way and making it easy for others to come on board. It is as if every time you move forward you are creating a crystalline path behind you. That path is bright. That path is light. It’s light that not only shines brightly but light that lifts – lifts the heart, lifts the soul. As I said to you in the last transmission, I am not always serious in the sense that truth has to be something that is onerous, that is beating you into the ground, that is making your life restricted. The truth is joy and the truth of the matter is that at your source you are joy. Breathe in and breathe out.

Remember the joyful nature. Part of accepting your divine nature is not a burden and unfortunately many of you on the earth that came on the earth as saviors in the past, as saints even some of you, as warriors and warrior-esses in the past – came with a serious burden. Bringing light onto the planet was a burden and not a joy. Release the burdens. Karmically there is a tremendous karmic revolution going on right now. Call it a revolution. Call it an evolution. You are evolving into a new being, a new self. To evolve into that new being in the material form, you must release some of the karmic patterns. So there is a moratorium going on now where karma can be released simply by being aware that you are ready to let it go, simply by being aware that you want to trust in your divine nature, that you do trust in your divine nature, that you are willing to be the master that you are.

Consciously mastering when you stepped into 2019 – 2019 was a preparatory arbor coming up to the gateway that you have entered into now. You were working on the ability to master in 2019. “I am Love” – you spoke in the invocation. “I am Love. I step into mastery and I step into love-based embodiment. So being able to embody love not just for those who bring comfort to you, not just for those who bring joy, not just for those who are the small circle of family, friends and loved ones, but for all. You have taken up that ability. You have been the journeyman. During this year of mastery, the stepping into an acknowledgement of your own master level status – this will be the most challenging on some levels for when you think of mastery on the earth form you often think of rewards on some level or a certain type of power. The rewards are plenty. That is absolutely true. They are not perhaps rewards on an earthly way but rewards in a way of the divinity within you resolving old patterns, releasing karmic burdens. So you become lighter and you become happier. You may have noticed in the last end part of this year, that you are lighter, that things are not as personal as they were in the past. You can judge less. You can let go more. You can smile in the face of adversity. You can laugh in places where you would struggle in the past. These are indications in the 3rd dimension that the lightness is changing you on a cellular level and that your joyous nature is beginning to activate itself once again. You are all unique and not so good at conforming to rules although you have lived a life of conforming and have lived many lifetimes of conforming. The reformation taking place now is a re-forming of the physical vehicle that you inhabit as well as the spirit within.

I am Michael burning bright bringing the Sword of Truth and Light. Call on me many, many times. Call on me to illuminate. Call on me. During the last full moon, many of you took that Sword that you received and planted it into the earth and felt the difference as you planted the Sword of Truth and Light in the earth in front of you, anchoring you to your truth, to your light – anchoring that and letting all by that action know that you refuse to hide anymore, that you are the light in the world. So when you open the palms to receive the transmission from me, Michael, from the Indigo Ray, from the place that I stand in truth today – when you open those palms to receive, you make a statement to the Angelic force that you are living your truth. Repeat it: “I am that I am and I am my truth.” I am that I am and I am my truth and my truth sets me free. I am that I am and I am my truth and my truth sets me free. Let your body release. It may sway as you say this over and over.

I am that I am and I am my truth. I am that I am and my truth sets me free.

I am that I am and I am my truth. I am that I am and my truth sets me free.

I am that I am and I am my truth. I am that I am and my truth sets me free.

Close your eyes now and continue to say it with the palms up and watch the vision behind the 3rd eye. I will send you colors. To the varying degree that you can see them, they may form into flowers. They may form into stained glass. They may form into beautiful visions or they may simply swirl in colors.

I am that I am and I am my truth. I am that I am and my truth sets me free.

I am that I am and I am my truth. I am that I am and my truth sets me free.

I am that I am and I am my truth. I am that I am and my truth sets me free.

You can come into toning now. Tone 5 times and on the beginning of the 5th tone, turn your hands together and grasp the sword as the palms come together and place it into the earth to anchor you to the new healed whole mother earth in your truth.

I am that I am and I am my truth. I am that I am and my truth sets me free. 5 tones now.

You are anchored by the truth of me. You are anchored by the Sword of Light. The truth of you is the truth of me – and the truth of you is anchored by the Sword of Light. I am Michael burning bright. I am Michael burning bright, anchoring you with the Sword of Light.

Your souls float in the ethers. Your souls float in the womb of the great mother. I am Mother Mary. The aspects of the goddess are many. I am the mother aspect. You many see me as the divine mother. You may see me as Mother Mary. You may see me as Parvati. You may see me as Isis. I am the nurturer. I am the mother. Bring that vibration into yourself. Awaken the mother within. Mother yourself with the love of the mother. Connect to the new healed whole mother earth. You are connected to the new healed whole mother earth. Begin to chant it.

I am connected to the new healed whole mother earth.

I am connected to the new healed whole mother earth.

I am connected to the new healed whole mother earth.

I know I am connected to the new healed whole mother earth.

I do not doubt that I am connected to the new healed whole mother earth.

I am connected to the new healed whole mother earth.

I am connected to the new healed whole mother earth.

I am connected to the new healed whole mother earth.

Feel the opening in your spinal cord, opening to the new healed whole mother earth and a green umbilical cord between her body and your spine, connecting in a new way – connecting now through the second chakra but through the entire body. Every chakra connects as the green energy travels up. The green vine travels into your body and into your spine. Breathing it in, let it be so: It is so. You make it more material by the depth of your belief, by the release of all doubt. I know I am connected to the new healed whole mother earth. Feeling the tailbone on the earth, begin to sway in a clockwise manner. Just let the upper body sway from the tailbone as if the tailbone is fully connected. You gently making a circle. I am fully connected to the new healed whole mother earth. This particular movement in your body allows you to receive more energy, more transmissions.

Be patient, son of the son. I see the disbelief reflecting up the right side of your throat. Let it go now. I am the all mother and I see you all. I see your shadows and I see your light. I love you and I accept you. I love the doubt. I love the belief. I love the body. I love the soul. I love the light and I love the shadows. I am the mother. I am the mother aspect of the goddess. Feel my love – and in the warmth of my love, allow yourself to see yourself. Laugh at your doubts.

Son of the son – it is time for you to step on the earth. Yes, you know who you are. We speak to you now in that male body you inhabit. Release those rigid thoughts, especially the rigid thoughts you hold about women, about females. They are simply slightly different anatomical forms that you have agreed to inhabit – souls all light, all stars – some of you in this circle in female bodies, some of you in male bodies. Those of you in male bodies, sway, making the circle as slow and as deep as you can make it. Sway in your circle feeling your tailbone and imagining a vagina in the perineum area of the body opening to the new healed whole mother earth. I am the mother. All bodies were born of the mother, move through the yoni, move through the vagina, move through the channel into the light. Never forget this. There is a message in it.

This is a year that you will see many aspects of the goddess. I am Mother Mary. I am Mother Isis. I am Mother Parvati. I am the divine mother. I am the mother earth. I am the mother of all, giving birth. That which was born and is distorted, that which was mine and is distorted will be destroyed by the aspect of the goddess Kali. She will come speak at one time. Do not be frightened of Kali for she is the destroyer. She is the bringer of life. I am the aspect that you have understood giving life and the aspect that you have understood nurturing and mothering life. You must understand that the aspect that gives life may destroy life and life that is not flourishing will be destroyed. The truth is what flourishes. The truth is what sets you free. The divine within you has ignited, is growing. It is up to you to help it grow. Releasing doubt – one of the most powerful things that you are mastering this year is mastering the self that doubted, mastering the Doubting Thomas, the one that must see it in the hand, that must stick the fingers in the side of the one to understand. You will never understand in that way. Release. Release.

I am the mother aspect. Feel the mother within you. Still the body now. Breathe in and breathe out. Feel the root in your body, your connection to the new healed whole mother earth… I am connected to the new healed whole mother earth. I am connected to the new healed whole mother earth. I am connected to the new healed whole mother earth.

The other side of the face of the mother, the side of destruction – do not fear it. You are moving again from the still space into the circular motion. As you move towards the right, imagine going through the shadow and moving towards the left into the light – into the shadow, into the light. If you remain in motion, if your vibration of truth remains in motion, if you release rigidity whether it is in the spine and the body, the joints, whether it is in the beliefs, the mind, the way you see things – the concepts, the belief structures – whether it is in the emotions – the addictions to feeling certain ways, the belief that certain ways of feeling are the only ways you should feel, the addictions to the ups and downs, the addictions to the drama. The emotional body needs to be stilled just like the mind needs to be stilled. Breathe in and breathe out.

Why do you think it’s so important this year for you to master the mental body – for you to master the breath, for you to master the mind? The Archangel Raphael is with us tonight and he will speak to you at some point. For some of you he is a very close guardian. For some of you he is moving in to guide you this year. For some of you who are confused and need guidance especially from the mental perspective, you may call on him. He will step in and guide you.

I am the aspect of the mother divine. I am the aspect of Mother Mary, of the Compassionate One, of Quan Yin, of the Taras. I am the aspect of the softener, of the healer, of the divine feminine in that way. The divine feminine activates in the divine masculine and they come together creating a new flame, a whole flame made out of two flames, a whole new flame. Each flame becomes whole. It’s a great paradox.

Breathe in and breathe out. Uncross any part of the body and open the palms to receive. Out to the right palm reaching and out to the left palm reaching – out and up. Imagine taking the hands of the divine masculine – perhaps it is an angel, perhaps it is a master, perhaps it is the wind, perhaps it is the sky. Open the left palm. Reach out and take the hand of the divine feminine – perhaps it is the mother, perhaps it is the destroyer and you need the destroyer, perhaps it is joy, perhaps it is abundance. There are many aspects of the feminine. As your palms are up, you will tone and you will imagine streams of light through that tone coming through the right palm and the left palm and meeting in your throat, your 3rd eye and your heart. You may get a vision of a divine masculine aspect, guardian or guide for this year and you may get a vision of a divine aspect of feminine guide for this year. 3 tones – for the trinity – for the male and the female and the spirit together. With the last tone, slowly bring the palms in prayer pose above the head and bring them down to the heart.

Curl and fold your fingers together – palm to palm – divine masculine/divine feminine supporting you. Take a moment and realize this is what you are bringing into the world – a wholly integrated being, balanced in feminine, balanced in masculine. No matter what body you are in, you are integrating this. Let the energy run its course through your palms. Breathe in and breathe out. Listen to the voice of the masters that have come your way – divine feminine and divine masculine.

Slowly uncurl the palm – palm to palm and fingertip to fingertip. Slowly open them. Take the pointer finger and the middle finger and bless your third eye with the whole energy simply by touching it. I am blessed Bless your throat simply by touching it. I am blessed. Bless your heart simply by touching it. I am blessed. I am whole. I am balanced in my divine feminine and my divine masculine. Breathe in and breathe out.

Yes, it is me. I am St. Germain Guardian of the Violet Flame. Mastery is key this year – mastering the mind, understanding the mastery that you’ve been working on. You have been journeymen and many of you are moving into a mastery phase and a death phase. You will need to listen in your hearts to know where you are. Sometimes it will be a quiet journey without much fanfare but you will feel the fireworks, the accolades in the higher vibratory realms and this will lighten you and bring you much joy. When you see those people who are smiling, who are happy within themselves, who are peaceful – you know they have achieved a level of mastery. Be patient.

I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. I come forth to remind you of the tools. You have been being prepared for this journey for many lifetimes and within you, you hold the truth. Your DNA has the energy that you need. Your DNA has the information that you need when you need it. So why worry? Why are you pushing yourself out beyond this moment worrying about the future? Bask in the moment now. Breathe in and breathe out. You are balanced. You have balanced your male and your female, the god/goddess within. The wholeness is coming back to the planet and the right use of will steps in.

I am St. Germain. I’ve been the Guardian of the Violet Flame. I am St. Germain. I have been the Guardian of this age. I am St. Germain. Breathe in and breathe out. Let go of doubt. Breathe in and breathe out. You may have noticed by now that doubt has been mentioned several times. We on these planes are watching you step into mastery, are watching you move through the stage of early initiates coming out as masters, are watching the lights above your crown activating and the jewels in the crown opening. We have been watching and you know. What will come up is the doubt within you. In your throat some of you have been experiencing sore throats and tension in the throats. These are doubts being outed. These are doubts being released. These are doubts on the cellular level. Old shadows from the past when you believed and when you were persecuted for that belief and held the light and you were shunned for that belief, that light.

I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. Lighten up. I am the one that brought forth the energy vibration words of the year. I am the one that brought forth enlightened community and said look at the word lightened and look at the word unity. Unity, you see, you have achieved within yourself. Unity, you see, has been brought together as you achieve a connection between your inner divine male and female as you balance out your intuitive with your “do”-ative.

I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. I bring joy. I bring laughter. I remind you that this is a game. You have come here to play. Unfortunately when those lights fell and the great fall happened, they began to take themselves more seriously. God/goddess has never taken itself seriously. Even the power gods, even Kali laughs as she destroys.

I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. Remember the tools that I have given you – the Violet Cloak, call on my name, the Violet Dream Catcher to protect you at night, just being aware, just remembering, just paying attention. The practice of the “turtle in the shell” mudra is a helpful practice on the physical level because it reminds you – bring yourself back to your core. Bring yourself back to yourself. Ground yourself in the new healed whole mother earth, but poke your head out and stay aware. Aware of self and aware of the outer world is an unbeatable balance.

I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. So one of the first gifts I had given you after the Violet Cloak was the ability to bless. You have blessed yourself in the name of the mother – the Divine Mother as she has helped you to bring together your divine masculine and your divine feminine. Take a moment now with 3 deep breaths to focus on the prior transmission and remember when you reached your hand to the right – who was the masculine entity that came your way? Reach it up again if you want to be reminded or strengthen that connection. Just as if it was a being in the 3d world, strengthen connection. Grasp his hand. Thank you for coming my way. Thank you for being my guide. Thank you for helping me balance my masculine. Do the same with the left. Thank you for being my goddess. Thank you for being my guide.

Remember – the transmissions that come through when you come together are very powerful. A transmission of this sort is like taking a huge shot of energy or a huge glass of wine. You can be high from it. You can expand. You can feel giddy. You can feel an overload the next day or a bit of a hangover. The breathing in and out will help. The practices will help. These are the things that help you balance in an expanding and contracting world with an expanding and contracting body with an expanding and contracting awareness.

I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. There is much mystery in the breath. There is much to open in the breath. There is much to learn through the breath and the breathing. Keep breathing, breathing. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and swell your chest like a wave of energy. Release it from the throat – aaaaahhhh. So feel a wave come in. Fill the belly. Fill the abdomen. Fill the chest and release. Aaaaahhh.. All the while you hold the water. You hold the vessel in your hands. Breathe in and breathe out. Continue breathing feeling the wave of energy come through the body like an ocean wave cleansing, powerful. Feel your energy connect from that ocean wave that you’ve breathed in from the waves of energy that you bring in through your body, through your arms, through your wrists, through your hand, through your fingertips as you wrap them around your vessel. Breathe in and breathe out. The cells of the water are very much like the cells of your body. Connect together with them now by toning 3 times in joy. Drawing the breath in, hold the water in front of the heart and transform it now into whatever it is that you need – liquid life, liquid health, liquid trust, liquid abundance, liquid healing, liquid patience, liquid joy. What is it that you need? How about a punch of liquid everything – all that is good? It is more potent in one or in three, or perhaps I should say most potent in one or in three. Three choices or one choice is where you find your most potency. Once you have imbued it in your water, tone three times and then take it in your body.

You can do this on your own. Transforming the vibration of water is very powerful and can be done on your own. Remove the doubt. Trust in it. Don’t go without. You can do this every day. Make a commitment now, in this moment, to bring together circles – and in those circles, to perform rituals of power. Sometimes that’s simply just being let’s hold hands and be quiet together for a moment. Let’s bless this moment. Let’s open our hearts.

I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. Breathe in and breathe out. Bring your hands together in prayer and in wholeness. Hold them in front of the heart. Cross the thumbs over whichever way they naturally go. As you hold your hand in prayer notice which thumb has crossed over on top. If it is the left, then the feminine is your greatest strength. If it is the right, then the masculine is your greatest strength. Integrate this for a moment in your own thoughts. Remember the divine feminine that came your way. Remember the divine masculine that came your way. Trust. Trust. Trust and believe.

I am Kali. I have come. I have asked you to bring the palms together so that you can feel support and strength. I am Kali. I am coming. You will see me on the earth. That which is no longer of the light, no longer beneficial will dissolve. Structures will fall away. I am Kali. I have been seen stomping with my blue-black skin shining and blood dripping from my fangs. I have been seen with bones hanging from my waist. I am Kali. Do not be frightened of me. I am the end and the beginning – the alpha and the omega. I am needed for you to move into the next phase of your reality. If you stay whole – palms together – feel your wholeness, the male and female as one – if you stay in your truth – your sword planted in the earth, grounded in the truth with Michael, Michael burning bright – you bring wholeness to yourself and wholeness to the world. You will make transitions easily and you will be a beacon for others. Do not get distracted by destruction that goes on around you. Simply turn your face to the light and keep moving forward stepping forward to the beat of your own truth.

I am Kali. Do not be in fright. I am Kali. Destruction is needed. Destruction is shown to you every day by the Mother Earth. She goes through her seasons and the season you are in now in this part of the earth is the season where there is death all around. The plants have fallen away. The leaves have fallen away. Fruit will not grow. Things will not blossom until it is time for the spring. The earth shows you that in the natural cycle of things, all things work. Breathe in and breathe out. Your breath will guide you breathe in and breathe out. Equalize it. Take in as much as you give out. Breathe in and breathe out.

I am Kali. No need to fear destruction. I am Kali. What falls away is what no longer has the support of truth. What falls away are those things that are weak anyway and must go. I am Kali. Feel the strength of the Sword that grounds you to the truth of who you are. Remember your chant. I am truth. I am that I am and I am my truth. Remember that chant as you move through your days.

I am Kali. Palms together now. Push. Gently push – elbows out. Push. Push in equal balance. As you push in equal balance, there will be no more push. There will just be wholeness. When you push equally, you will feel supported. You will feel strong. You will feel grounded. You will feel whole.

I am Kali. Open up to me now. Throw the palms to the sky in a funnel pose. Tone 4 times and bring the energy of my strength in.

This is the strength not to fear death. This is the strength not to fear decay. This is the strength not to feel disease. This is the strength to feel clearly through the shadows. I am Kali – a beacon of light, shining blue/black as I roll through the night. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out.

We are here with you. There are many of us. We speak with one voice and that voice is the voice of love. We are the Mother. We are the Compassionate One. We are the lover. We are the angel. We are with you all. We are Ganesha. We are Jesus the Christ. We are Sophia. We are Lakshmi. We are Parvati. We are Quan Yin. We are Green Tara. We are Hanuman. We are with you. We are with you. Breathe in and breathe out. We are the angelic realm. We are Ariel. We are Gabriel. We are Raphael. We are Michael. We are with you – the Heavenly Hosts. The allies are with you – the totems, the ancestors, the animals. Pay attention to the totems that come your way. Pay attention to the allies that walk with you today. Breathe in and breathe out. The armadillo comes to this circle to give you strength, to strengthen your boundaries, be balanced. The turtle with her ancient wisdom comes in to ground you to the new healed whole mother earth and to remind you that you have the shell of protection. Breathe in and breathe out. The whale comes and the whale vibrates and the whale asks you to sing your song. Remember who you are for that is your greatest strength, remembering that you are spirit. Falling away are concepts of the mind – the group mind, the collective mind, the mind.

I am Quan Yin. I am Quan Yin speaking from the Garden. Breath. Mindfulness. These are important things to remember moving into 2020 and into the gateway. Some of you are jumping in now. Some of you will step in month by month fully. It does not matter how you go. It is the way that is your truth. I am Quan Yin speaking from the Garden, reminding you of the flowers. The Garden is the place of refuge. The Garden is the place to nurture and nourish yourself.

I am Quan Yin. The voices of the flowers will continue to support you on your journey. Be with them. Receive their blessing now to close your circle. Turn the third eye to the sky, palms open. Take a moment to chant my name. Quan Yin. Quan Yin. Quan Yin. Quan Yin. Quan Yin, blessed compassionate one. Quan Yin. Turning the eyes to the sky, receive now. Tone 5 times.

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The fruits of your labor are ripe for the picking. A beautiful blessing is on its way to you now.