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May 2019 Full Moon Astrology -Sonja Elison

With May’s Full Moon at 27 Scorpio, we are in for another crescendo of passionate feelings, explorations and events.  For those of you who are still reeling from the recent Mercury retrograde which went into Pisces (March), this Full Moon could be a resolution, or further digging up of karma.  The Scorpio energy will bring out passionate emotions, and possibly some reactions from down deep, which you may not be aware that you’ve been repressing.  The good news is that there is a lot of energy for resolving emotional scars, and karma, and the pathways are quite clear.  There are likely to be insights into pains, scars and desires, which you may not be fully conscious of.  Scorpio energy is generally a good time for some psychological therapy.  Scorpio issues include jealousy, revenge, power, control; deep passions which rule us
The Moon is also forming a trine to Chiron, which is just entering Aries, coming to its most powerful point soon after the actual time of the Full Moon.  The Moon could be reflecting problems with your Will and motivation, or lack of it.  This connection highlights the emotional nature of the wounds we suffer, the wounds of mothering or lack thereof, and the emotional needs of the inner child.  If your Inner child is not whole, you may lack the confidence to assert your will, and continually feel downtrodden.  At the opposite end of the spectrum, you could compensate, by never feeling fully visible unless you impose your will on others to an absurd degree.  We will be drawn into the shadows of our Selves, and will be asked to look at our own willingness to see our Selves as we really are.

The Moon is also connected to Neptune, which can relieve emotional wounds through spiritual practices or artistic expression  The more dangerous form of release is through drugs, alcohol or other escapism.  Now that you know you’ll be confronted with this choice (good possibility of this occurring even before the exact fullness of the Moon), you can consciously and mindfully make the decision!  This energy is also very spiritual and intuitive, so insights, occult experiences, religious feelings are all highlighted.  Meditation to musical sounds is particularly supported for healing now.
Finally, the Scorpio Moon is in sextile to the very trying Saturn/South Node/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.  If you’ve felt that corruption and decay have been belching forth lately, this is the aspect that is responsible.  Unfortunately, systems can only be cleaned out by making sure that the filth and drudge come out!  We certainly see it on the main stage of our public lives, and this month, some of us may find that our deepest emotional hangups are ripe for emission!  This could be a time which is not pretty!  The good news is that this is the emptying out which is necessary for new beginnings.
The Sun makes a strong trine to Saturn, Pluto and South Node at the same time, giving us the resilience and determination to finish the cleaning out, rebirth, and rebuilding process we are going through.  Sun trine Saturn also promises, for some of us, the rewards we deserve.  There is a great deal of energy which is pointed at a final push that we need for the re-birth of humanity.  We will be given the strength and determination to make it, and it will definitely not be easy.  The Nodal position continues to point toward the manifestation of tremendous transformation.
Uranus is somewhat less central this month, as it isn’t tied to the Full Moon itself.  However, it does make aspects to all the personal planets.  To me, this is speaking of a bridge to the 5th dimension being provided during this Full Moon.  Insights into our will, our desires, our Minds, are all possible now, and with the help of Uranus, could easily manifest into a new seat of our Soul.  On the metaphysical level, the energy of Uranus this month, can help us to achieve a new consciousness of love, of Mind, and of Will.  For some of us, the jump to this new level could be sudden, unexpected, startling, and very fast!
Uranus, the bringer of new lives, new levels of consciousness, is energizing the planets which rule our daily lives now.  These aspects are ones which we, as humans, tend to just love!  Uranus is conjunct Venus and sextile Mars, bringing an energy of sudden passion, desire, and love!  For those of you who have personal planets at the first degrees of Cancer and Taurus, you could fall dizzyingly in love!  If you are in a steady relationship, watch out, this energy can tempt you to stray, but for those who are single, and affected by this configuration, love can sizzle to quite a high temperature!  This type of energy does not always lead to lasting relationships, This energy is also terrific for creativity, giving an added dimension of insight into artistic creations.
On a spiritual level, Scorpio is about death and resurrection;  on the psychological level, it is about insight and the process of change.  This Full Moon seems to continue to challenge us to rise to our better natures, to look for wisdom, to be faithful, true and loyal to our better natures.  Continue to weed the garden, so that the brand new life can flourish!
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