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Full Moon Channeling

February Full Moon Astrology – 2/19/19

Full Moon Astrology By Sonja Elison
The February Full moon is at 0 degrees  Virgo and the Sun is at 0 degrees  Pisces.  If you have any planets in these 2 positions, you will be most affected.  If you have planets from about 28* to 3*, you are also likely to be strongly affected by this Full Moon.
There are two things I want to start out with as you think about this time period.  First, the series of Eclipses which started around the time of the December Solstice are quite amazing in terms of showing how we are moving into a new and higher consciousness level.  These charts show an overall pattern of extremely significant and positive change, and I see the current chart as being one in a pattern of swift and positive energy flows.
The way I see this Full moon chart as fitting into the sequence, is that the energy is positive, is strongly bringing in the new 5th dimensional and very feminine energies and it is moving very fast.  It feels very much, from an astrological point of view as though we are moving into the Age of Aquarius, at light speed now.
Last month, we had a Full Moon Eclipse at 0 Leo, signifying a reboot of our life force and way of being in the world.  Remember, Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is our Solar Plexus, so the energy is the core of our being.  Now, the Full Moon degrees are moving to the Virgo/Pisces polarity, indicating that our view of rationality/spirituality or the real versus the unreal, will shift.  We’ve already noticed that the concepts of “real” and “unreal” have taken major blows lately.  Hopefully, as we allow the energy of this Full Moon into our consciousness, and the consciousness of the planet, we will allow into ourselves a journey into the realm of Truth.  I think this could be a major focus for meditation.
The Moon in Virgo is feminine, is concerned with perfecting herself, and with purity.  Becoming in tune with this energy would ask of us to be quiet, and to take in the energy of purity, of focus on improvement, and of bringing in the energy of Mother Earth in a receptive and nurturing manner.  My sense of this Full Moon is that the quieter we are, the more we allow ourselves to be guided by the Cosmic energy, the stronger our ability to transform ourselves into the beings which we are becoming.  This is a time to listen, rather than to talk.
The February Full Moon is another kite formation, and boy, is there energy involved!  The Virgo Moon is making a trine to a conjunction of Eris/Uranus/Mars at the end of Aries, beginning of Taurus.  Eris and Uranus bring lightening fast illumination and insight, while Mars is the energy of creative beginning.  These are all fiery and powerful and fast planetary energies.  With Uranus at the very last few minutes of Aries, it is likely to finish its work of revolutionizing the consciousness of the masses.  For the women out there who have given birth, this is like when you finally are able to PUSH!
With Uranus now in Taurus, the energy of enlightenment and understanding is likely to come through and focus on the situation of Mother Earth.  Eris, one of the newest dwarf planets (like Pluto), represents repressed feminine energy which bursts forth to be reckoned with.  This is the energy of saying, “you have ignored the important truths for long enough, and forced me to be unnatural.  Now it is over!”  This is a combustible energy grouping which we may want to pay attention to!  As in the final moments of childbirth, the energy of these Truth bringing planets, can be fast and furious, and there is likely to be quite a lot of discomfort, as the rotten roots of our old structures are torn out.  We can see already, the many truths erupting out of the government status quo.  There will be some violent and unexpected changes, so the trick is to remain centered, and to keep focused on the fact that the bulbs of Spring are about to burst forth.
The other trine is to Pholus, whose meaning comes from ancient Greek mythology of the Centaurs.  Pholus speaks of the inner journey from material reality to spiritual existence.  Pholus held the jug of sacred wine, as we hold the seeds of Divinity.  In such a perfect aspect to Uranus, which also brings a cosmic gift of consciousness, the message of a new level of consciousness on Earth certainly is clear.  Because Pholus has just entered Capricorn, it could represent a promise of cleansing our institutions through sacrifice of old and corrupt ways of thinking.  Pholus is associated with sacrifice.
If we consider all of these energies within the Zodiac, the picture starts to become quite unmistakably a story of moving from the corrupted, outworn ideas of material reality to a new more balanced understanding of the Earth as spiritually connected to us.  I would go so far as to say, more than just connected to us, but consubstantial with us.  We are to take in the food of Spirit through our feminine energy of receptivity and creativity, which will result in a heightened understand of our relationship to Earth.
The position of the Sun, at the top of the kite, at 0* of Pisces, indicates that how we live, how we express our vital force, will begin to reflect an entirely new Spiritual understanding of connectedness.  The Sun is not only at 0 Pisces, so signaling a brand new identity in the world, but it is in conjunction with the Black Moon, Lilith.  Lilith reveals hidden corners, so whether there are spiders or bits of gold hidden in those dark corners, Lilith will light them up and bring them into view.  A little scary if you’ve been hiding a lot of skeletons in your closet, but quite freeing if you have hidden or undeveloped talents, energies, or skills.  These skills are likely to become unleashed and flower into new areas of life.  Lilith is still in Aquarius, so unrealized powers of technology can be revealed.
The exact conjunction of the Sun and Lilith at 21 Aquarius occurs on the 11th of February, and as I write, the secrets of Jeff Bezos, the billionaire of internet commerce (Amazon), are coming out, and in doing so, aiding the justice system to bring the purveyors of gossip and lies, David Pecker (National Enquirer), to a higher level of justice than he would otherwise have been exposed to.  These long repressed Goddesses, Eris and Lilith, are no longer allowing patriarchal structures and corruption to enslave, gag, and degrade the women and children who have so long been their captors.  The time of abusing the feminine is over!  Lilith and Eris, though very small planets, are surely showing their power!
Just in case this is not enough proof of the entrance of feminine, goddess power coming into the Solar System to balance the masculine, there is more! Another two goddesses, Haumea and Pallas Athena, are in sextile to the Virgo Moon.  Pallas Athena was the daughter of Zeus, and represents creative wisdom.  Haumea, the Hawaiian goddess, is the goddess of fertility and of the Earth.  We have another divine message to pay attention to Mother Earth, and to be caretakers.  In sextile, these two are teaching us about balance and harmony in relationships.  What happens if one person in a relationship has all the power and the other has none?  There is no real relationship, and the connection will be destroyed as quickly as possible.  Pallas Athena is not afraid to wield her power, and she is entering the battlefield to achieve justice, to help us to attain balance in all things.  Haumea is reminding us that she and Pallas Athena are convinced that human’s relationship to the Earth is in need of more balance!
In sum, for this Full moon, what I see as the message, is “Shhh!  Listen!
  She will speak to you, it may be in a soft voice, or it may be jolting!”

Melissa Halsey

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