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Energy Sessions with Melissa

Personal healing and growth.

In private energy sessions, Melissa begins the transformational process of healing and integrating psyche and soma through chakra diagnosis, balancing, breathing, guided imagery, and other energetic techniques. Each Energy Session is unique to the needs of the individual. The results are deep, often “profound” and “life-altering” as deeply rooted old patterns and conditioning are transformed and the body’s energetic system is rebalanced. This session is a combination of an individual reading and energy work. During the process of the energy download, crucial information is also channeled by Melissa that provides understanding for the healing process.

Each energy session lasts 90 minutes and can be either by phone or in-person with Melissa. A downloadable mp3 file of your energy session will be e-mailed to you 2 to 3 days after your session. Click here to book a private energy session with Melissa.

“I’ve always appreciated the wisdom and expanded perspective I’ve received in the numerous individual sessions I’ve had with Melissa over the last 20 years. I consistently come away with greater clarity for my next steps as well as peace of mind from understanding how my current challenges support my soul’s journey.”

~Joni, Virginia

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