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New Moon: August 11th, 2018

Greetings in the light, During the Last Full Moon, St. Germaine spoke of the continuing interrogation of our crystalline bodies. As we continue to "lighten" and absorb and digest the greater light vibrations surrounding and penetrating the planet, we need…

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Conscious Breathing

Excerpt from June 2018 Full Moon Channeling – Preparing for July full moon

During the June Full Moon Channeling St. Germaine asked that we all re-listen and do certain exercises that came up during the channeling – below is the excerpt from the channeling where he leads us through the exercises.

 “I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. The tools of the Violet Flame – open your hearts. Open your eyes. Open your minds. Open your cells. Open your bodies. Open your bodies turning them up to receive. I am St. Germain. Open your chakras. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame.

The base chakra at the tail bone and the pelvis – breathing in and tone a low tone. Feel that chakra open and connect you to the earth, to that new, healed, whole mother earth at the base of your body, at the vibratory base of your body – the root chakra. [low tone]

The second chakra, your belly chakra, the lower back below the navel there, between the root, between the hipbones – this is your sacral chakra. Creativity is sprouting within each one of you. Creativity begins to push its way between the shells of the seeds and move around in the second chakra. The vibration is orange. The vibration is coral. The vibration is like the fingers of dawn and the sunset. The vibration is beginning and ending and whole. You are seeking to create. That part of you that desires to create – perhaps you desire to create a little garden, or sew something, or paint something. Perhaps you desire to create food, to put together a meal. Perhaps you desire to create a little card or a note for someone. Perhaps your heart desires to create a tune, a song that you can whistle or play on the piano, a song that you can play on the guitar or cello.

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July 2018 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 27th, 2018 by Sonja Elison The Full Moon is taking place with the Sun at 4 Leo 45 and the Moon at 4 Aquarius 45.  The Sun is in conjunction with the North Node, which…

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New Moon/ Partial Solar Eclipse

The  New Moon/Solar Eclipse of July 12, 2018 by Sonja Elison Today’s New Moon, a partial Solar Eclipse, is actually the first of 3 Eclipses.  The next eclipse is a lunar eclipse on July 27 and the last eclipse is…

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Full Moon Circle

New Moon 2/15/18 – Full Moon March 1st

The last Blood Super Full Moon, (January 31st)  as you know, was very powerful, and astrologically speaking, it is tied in energy and effect to both the New Moon partial Solar Eclipse Feb of. 15 and the next Full Moon…

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2018 Invocation Fear Not

2018 Invocation Fear Not I face fear with the truth in my heart That love is the way. I am love I shine the light of my divine nature onto The shadows, illuminating my fears. I am Divine love I…

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Welcome January 1st Full Moon

Full Moon  Jan 1 2018 9:17 pm Washington, DC by  Sonja Elison For those of you who listened to Melissa’s Full Moon Channeling in December, you are aware that Spirit led us to expect a significant full moon in January. …

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Be compassionate always, in all ways.