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April 2019 Full Moon Astrology by Sonja Elison

We are just ending a 45 day period of a powerful Mercury retrograde through Pisces. Now, Mercury is entering Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, the fiery, cardinal sign which starts all growth and movement. Communications are likely to feel like they are exploding, as plans, communications, and spring travel all pick up speed.

So, sit down and take a breath, because the April Full Moon chart is absolutely chock full of change, surprise, chaos.

The most significant feature is the Moon/Uranus opposition. Since a Full Moon means that the Sun and Moon are exactly opposed to each other, this means that the Sun is also in conjunction with Uranus, as Uranus opposes the Moon. Any of you who have consulted me during Uranus transits know that NOTHING stays the same after a Uranus transit! I think it is important to understand what Uranus energy feels like, because it will definitely help you to recognize it. It is the energy of electricity, lightning, telecommunications, enlightenment, intuition, genius, illumination, and represents the bridge from earthly reality to spiritual reality.

Uranus brings us into a new phase of our lives, so it pushes us to break out of old, worn out ruts which are hindering our development.

So, if you put all this together, the energy of this Full Moon will be fiery, fast, unpredictable, and will thoroughly change many aspects of our lives. I can’t help but think about the burning of Notre Dame in Paris, and see the connection between the destruction of the old, of tradition, of structures we are attached to, and see a symbolic materialization of this Full Moon chart.

The Full Moon and Sun are both at the most unstable degrees of the Cardinal signs of Aries and Libra. To me, this is quite a strong message of the ending of old ways of living, and the beginning of the new Age.

Now, think about this: the Moon in Libra is conjunct several of the new Goddess planets: Haumea, Pallas Athena, and MakeMake (the Hawaiian Earth/Fertility Goddess). On the other end of the chart, the Sun and Uranus, (both male planets) are conjunct Eris-the warrior Goddess who was ticked off at not being invited to the god’s party, and devised a scheme to ruin it! Does it sound like Patriarchy might be in trouble? I think so!

What I see in this chart, is a tremendous blow up of the status quo, writ large. The tremendous rattling of energy we have been feeling for the past year or two, seems to be poised to break through into the new age.

So what does this mean for our daily lives? You know the British saying, “Keep Calm and Carry On”? Write that on a sticky note and paste it on your forehead! The next week or so is likely to be quite chaotic. Expect people to act crazy. They will. Do

a lot of deep breathing and meditating. Illumination can come very quickly and easily, if you are in the right space.

If you are fighting every small change in the patriarchal structure, you will have a very hard time of it. There is a lot of potential for the destruction of the old ways. Alongside, of course, is a lot of potential for awakening, for understanding the meaning of reverence for the Earth and for creation.

There is also a sense of coming to grips with karma, with loss, with mental patterns of sadness. The Heavenly energy is encouraging us to find peace with our karmic experiences of loss and grief. Last month, hopefully, we sat with those feelings and reviewed them, and progressed in our understanding of why. This month, there will be further understanding, and then new beginnings. Those of us who manage to put sadness behind us, to accept the very temporary nature of our lives here on Earth, will be able to step forward into the light, into new levels of gratitude, and new levels of creativity.

Melissa Halsey

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I am the Mother of compassion; you are transforming old fears now. Trust in your connection to me.