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New Moon: August 11th, 2018

Greetings in the light,

During the Last Full Moon, St. Germaine spoke of the continuing interrogation of our crystalline bodies. As we continue to “lighten” and absorb and digest the greater light vibrations surrounding and penetrating the planet, we need to continue practices that will support and guide us along the highest possible path for ourselves and humanity. St. Germaine, the other ascended masters and the angels have all pointed us towards the need for creativity. The need to express our selves creatively–to help us master our true higher natures…the Leo New moon eclipse also asks us to pay attention to our creative selves–may you seek to create bringing more love and laughter into your lives. “I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. I am St. Germain. I greet you  with the energy of joy, with the energy of laughter, with the energy of transformation.” July full moon 2018

New Moon
August 11, 2018

by Sonja Elison

The August 11th, New Moon, which is also an Eclipse (making it much more powerful), is the 3rd of this summer’s series of Eclipses.  If you are Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio (from 13’ to 19’), your life is about to change!  In particular, your understanding of who you are in the world, and how you communicate or look at the world, is undergoing a “reset”.  Mercury is not only conjunct this New Moon in Leo, but is also retrograde, and everyone knows that this means revisiting agreements, changing plans, and computer glitches!

On a deeper level, Mercury is moving retrograde toward the North Node, indicating that we are getting a second chance to think about whether we are acting out of love for others, need for approval, or egoistic reasons in our communications and relationships with others in our lives.  Leo is most famously about needing to be center stage, about glamour, and Ego.  However, it is clear, if we think about it, that we all have a need to feel secure and loved (Reread the Solar Eclipse/New Moon last month in Cancer, which was about emotional security) before we can confidently step out into the world to play creatively with out talents and skills.  We need to feel confident in ourselves (which means loved) in order to show ourselves, to be vulnerable to others.

This New Moon is encouraging us foremost, to think about ourselves as creative and loving beings, and to meditate on our connections, and actions toward our fellow human beings.

This New Moon also includes a Yod, which is known as the “Finger of God”.  The finger is pointing toward the New Moon, indicating that this is truly a New beginning for us as creative and loving beings.  The “tail” of the configuration indicates that as our aging institutions crumble, and our erroneous beliefs about our society are shaken up, we now have the opportunity to create a new way of relating to each other in our society.  This looks to me like an opportunity to build a new, more humane, more loving, more equal social structure.

If you read the last two writings on this series of Eclipses, you know that planets are strongest, and work for the best, when they are in their own signs.  Under this New Moon, Venus is in its own sign of Libra, and making beneficial contacts to both Mars (Boy/Girl attractions), and to Neptune, encouraging us to act out of the highest level of love/Agape.

There will still be lots of shaking of the trees, clearing of the smog, disruptions to “old” ways of acting, so keep buckled in!  Uranus and Mars are still kicking, and as you look around our world, you can see plenty of evidence that the wheat is being separated from the chaff!  The trick with these aspects, is to remain very conscious!

The Mars/Uranus square is the classic aspect for accidents, so remaining conscious is absolutely necessary (especially if your Sun or Ascendant is at 1-3’ of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio!)  If you work with the energy, and work hard, you can pull yourself out of a rut, or make exciting new things happen!  It won’t be easy, though, so don’t expect anything to fall in your lap.  You’ll have to work for it, and probably overcome some obstacles, but it is possible to achieve new insights, new inspirations, new inventions, or new identities!  Stay focused and strong, and persevere!

Overall, this New Moon gives me hope that we approaching the end of the dark tunnel, approaching the light.  It is time for new relationships, new creative endeavors, and new goals!

Sonja Elison

Melissa Halsey

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