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Conscious Breathing

Excerpt from June 2018 Full Moon Channeling – Preparing for July full moon

During the June Full Moon Channeling St. Germaine asked that we all re-listen and do certain exercises that came up during the channeling – below is the excerpt from the channeling where he leads us through the exercises.

 “I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. The tools of the Violet Flame – open your hearts. Open your eyes. Open your minds. Open your cells. Open your bodies. Open your bodies turning them up to receive. I am St. Germain. Open your chakras. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame.

The base chakra at the tail bone and the pelvis – breathing in and tone a low tone. Feel that chakra open and connect you to the earth, to that new, healed, whole mother earth at the base of your body, at the vibratory base of your body – the root chakra. [low tone]

The second chakra, your belly chakra, the lower back below the navel there, between the root, between the hipbones – this is your sacral chakra. Creativity is sprouting within each one of you. Creativity begins to push its way between the shells of the seeds and move around in the second chakra. The vibration is orange. The vibration is coral. The vibration is like the fingers of dawn and the sunset. The vibration is beginning and ending and whole. You are seeking to create. That part of you that desires to create – perhaps you desire to create a little garden, or sew something, or paint something. Perhaps you desire to create food, to put together a meal. Perhaps you desire to create a little card or a note for someone. Perhaps your heart desires to create a tune, a song that you can whistle or play on the piano, a song that you can play on the guitar or cello.

I am St. Germain. The creative force is merging within all. There is sometimes a restlessness or sometimes an urgency when the creative force wants to come to the surface. You might find that you feel like you need a change. You have to go on a vacation. You have to buy something new. You have to move. You have to change something. That is the creative force pushing through, knocking on the door of your awareness. Sit sometime on the earth and think about creating something simple, perhaps with some of you it’s creating a business or creating a building or creating something complex. Start with the simplest aspect of allowing yourself, the child within that connects to this second chakra, to create simply. Perhaps go build a castle on the sand or paint on the frost on a window when the raindrops move down or dig your toe in the earth and create a burrow. Create something. Whistle a tune. Create a cartoon. Creation seeks to come through and giving it an outlet at this time is important for all.

I am St. Germain. Your second chakra – a medium tone. Be aware of the lower back and that naval and slightly below and tiny bit above area as you use the vibration of the orange ray and run it through your body with a medium tone today. [medium tone]

Creation is fun. Don’t take yourself so seriously and don’t take your creation seriously. Create it to be not a legacy. Create it to be not something that has to be in physical form. Create it to be impermanent and take joy in that creation knowing that you can create, create, create over and over and over again.

I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. Oh one of the most difficult chakras in the human form – the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus chakra. Raise your arms above your head and stretch up between the bottom of your ribcage and the top of your hipbone. Just as you are holding your body up, stretch your body up. You’ll find that you slouch. Just as you get depressed, you curl up on that solar plexus. You squash down all of those organs that exist in that area and plenty of them do. Plenty of organs in the solar plexus, plenty of organs that work in the system connecting the vibrational body to the physical body to the glandular bodies, to the hormones in the system, to the vibrations of chemicals that run through your body and create your highs and your lows. Solar plexus – important chakra.  Stick the solar plexus out now. Strange way to be but imagine the sun twirling in that space below the ribcage and above the navel. Imagine a sun building in there and breathe into that sun – a solar power within yourself. As you are breathing in, connect to the earth’s sun, the solar power that you know when you were first coming to the earth and seeing that sun, when you were first birthed on the earth in your first human form and saw that earth’s sun and knew the importance of it’s light, it’s radiance, it’s heat, it’s power. You forget it now when you look at the powers of the things that you have created – the impermanent material things that you give so much power to – systems, money, order – material stuff. It will be long gone and the sun will still shine. The sun shined way before those material things were born. Bring that energy of the sun, feel its ancientness and connection with the one – Bring that connection of the sun into your body. Breathe it into the solar plexus – yellow, golden, rich in color and vibration. Bring it in. Move it around to the kidneys. Move it through the pancrease. Move it through the liver. Move it through the spleen, the stomach, the organs and the solar plexus – breathing in, breathing in, breathing out, bathing the body in that sunlight, that vibration and drawing it in using a higher tone to spin that sun with that yellow vibration in your body now. [higher tone]

It is suggested that you go back over this call again before the next full moon, the full moon of July. It is suggested that you go through this call again and follow through with the tones directed by myself and Quan Yin, to follow through with the tones and the sounds, to breathe with it several times. It will increase the energy and increase the healing energy within yourself for your emotions, for your body and for some of the past life karma that is moving out of you.”

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