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New Moon/ Partial Solar Eclipse

The  New Moon/Solar Eclipse of July 12, 2018
by Sonja Elison
Today’s New Moon, a partial Solar Eclipse, is actually the first of 3 Eclipses.  The next eclipse is a lunar eclipse on July 27 and the last eclipse is a solar eclipse on August 11. What this means is that not only is today’s Solar eclipse extremely powerful, but it is linked to the next two eclipses in a way which will strengthen their combined effective power.
First, let’s look at today’s Solar eclipse. Why is it so powerful? There are actually a number of reasons. All of the planetary bodies are connected to each other, making it a combination of all of their energy. Second, the new Moon takes place in Cancer, which is the moons natural house. Planets are at their strongest when they are in their own house. Neptune and Saturn are also in their own houses, and so these two planets are also extraordinarily strong. The geometric aspects between planets also effect how their energy flows; it can either be blocked or stimulated. Right now we have both a grand water trine and a grand Earth trine, which allows the energy of the planets to flow very quickly and strongly.
So now let’s get down to the meanings of the planets and where they’re placed. The fact that the new Moon is in Cancer, clues us into the fact that we are entering a Very emotionally charged time. It is quite apparent that the issues that the moon represents are extremely important In our national story at present. The moon represents women, it represents family, it represents feelings of “the tribe”. It also speaks of our sense of national security. We want to feel safe in our families when we are children. As adults we transferred these feelings of needing security to our “home” on the larger, National scale. Obviously all these themes are front and center in the news.  The most important aspect of the new Moon in today’s chart is its opposition to Pluto.
This opposition is about dealing with conflict, it is about facing our darkest emotional fears, it is about making a decision about how we will react to our insecurities and fears. Astrologers around the world have been quiet awed by today’s chart. This moon/Pluto opposition feels more like a demand for transformation than a gentle nudge. Pluto does not kid around. In addition to this rather dramatic theme of transforming and coming to a new place with respect to our emotional stability, Pluto is at the midpoint of retrograde Mars and Saturn. Saturn is at 4° of Capricorn. Again Saturn is in its own house, and is therefore very strong. Saturn is about judgment, reward and punishment. I hope you’re beginning to get the picture of why astrologers have been talking about this eclipse! Mars is adding to the drama by making us face our inner hostility and conflicts with respect to how we treat our fellow human beings. This chart looks to me like a warning about the condition of humanity. Unfortunately those astrologers who use the technique of midpoints, will see in this chart, a potential for calamity.  Given all this dark foreboding, I feel that it is incumbent on me to repeat that the central theme of the chart, is about the decision we make regarding how we act out or respond to our inner emotional insecurities or anger.  This is all about free Will.  Our creative, intellectual and free response to what we are living through, is at the root of it all.
The decision is ours to make and to act on. Mars is also in exact opposition to the North node, indicating another decision about whether we will act out based on our fears or act based on the courage that is required to love our neighbors as ourselves.  We can follow a path of spiritual evolution and growth, or we can allow ourselves to get stuck in the mind of ever repeating resentment toward others.
There is of course hope in the chart as well. The grand water trine speaks of compassionate love, an attitude of generosity, ethical uprightness and understanding of justice that is connected to the new Moon itself. Neptune in Pisces, at its best is compassionate ideal and selfless love. Its connection to Jupiter and the new Moon, gives hope that humanity will come to understand our energetic connectedness.  The connection of Neptune and Jupiter to the new Moon, which is the symbol of new beginnings, gives me hope that we are on the brink of a period of greater compassion and ethical behavior.
The second Grand trine is between Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, and lovely Venus in Virgo. Virgo of course is about introspection, self-analysis and the desire to perfect oneself. Let us hope that Uranus brings insight and illumination, a  heightening of consciousness, and the more enlightened attitude about our life here on the earth. Perhaps this combination of planetary energy will bring a greater awareness of our responsibility to love and care for others. Uranus definitely brings with it an alteration of the status quo. It has recently entered the earth sign of Taurus, and so whether our conflicts will become more stubbornly  entrenched, or whether we will open up to a more enlightened attitude of kindness, remains to be seen.  Both are possible.
Finally there is a minor aspect between Neptune and Mercury. This aspect evokes the idea of a disjunction or disconnect between rationality and illusion. We can believe the fabrications and lies which surround us in our society or we can exercise our intelligence, our discernment and judgement, and figure out what is truth.  The quirky thing about this minor aspect is that it is to some extent, an aspect of blindness to reality, or self-deception.  We can also see this as the “rationality of self-interest” being unaware of the imperative of compassion toward humanity.  The interesting thing about this chart, is that despite all the various meanings you could read into it, the message is quite clear.
It is time for us as human beings, to grow up, to see our responsibilities to each other, and act as our own best natures demand.  The New Moon is a time of beginnings, of planting seeds, and it is especially about “who” we are.  You can see it as being about Ego.  I think a better concept is self-definition.  With a New Moon in Cancer, we have to figure out who we define as our family….is it just our nuclear family, our Soul family, our national family, people of the same color, or do we define ourselves as spiritual beings who are all connected as one family?
Those of you who know me, know that everything in Astrology goes back to your natal chart, and so how this chart may affect you personally, depends on your own chart.  One thing that is likely to be felt by most of us, is a sense that there are deep, intense, and potentially explosive  emotions roiling around.  It is good to be aware that some of this deep emotional debris could spill out unexpectedly.  Be conscious!
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