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July 2018 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
July 27th, 2018
by Sonja Elison
The Full Moon is taking place with the Sun at 4 Leo 45 and the Moon at 4 Aquarius 45.  The Sun is in conjunction with the North Node, which is at 5 Leo 54, and the Moon is in conjunction with Mars at 3 Aquarius 58.  (For those of you whose charts I’ve done, you can take a look at your chart, and see if these points correspond, within about 5’ to any of your planets or points).  If they do, you’ll feel this Full Moon very strongly.
This placement is a very powerful place for the Sun, as it is in its own sign of Leo.  As St. Germaine channeled through Melissa last month, this is a time of becoming the creative beings we were meant to be!  The Sun in Leo is about joyfully and expressively being who we are!  The chart is really reaffirming what Melissa has channeled about focusing on our rootedness and being our creative selves.
With the Full Moon in conjunction with Mars. we have an opportunity to use the energy of Mars to its fullest potential.  As Psychologists have taught us over the years, if we repress our anger, it festers, and blocks our ability to express ourselves and to move forward in our lives.  With the Moon (our emotions) in conjunction with Mars, we have an opening to fuse the energy of our emotional bodies with our actions.  If we are holding onto grudges, resentments, angers toward others, we will feel uncomfortably irritable and perhaps experience ourselves snapping unexpectedly at those around us.  Listen to yourself.  Is this happening?  If so, sit and consider why you are feeling anger or aggression?  Forgive, and go forward to live your life fully and actively.  Now is the time.
St Germaine also talked about a certain restlessness that can come into you if you are not expressing the energy at this time.  I think, in the chart, he is referring to the square that this Full Moon is making to Uranus in Taurus.  This is extremely FAST energy.  From an astrological viewpoint, this is extremely important!  You can feel very very irritable and impatient, especially if you are feeling like conditions in your life are in a rut.  This is the energy of change, in a big way.  The energy that began under last month’s New Moon (read that report again, if you have time!), is still with us, so changes you may have started around mid July, which you wanted to make to free yourself from constrictions that no longer feel right, should come to fruition at this time.
This is a good time for creative manifestation:  Visualize your desires, understand if there are fears or restrictions which are holding you back, consider others with love and forgiveness, and then make the move to obtain what you desire.  Be the person you want to be.
The energy of this Full Moon is extremely supportive, especially if you start from the standpoint of Love.  Realize that Love is not controlling or manipulating others, it is allowing others to fully be themselves.  It is not having power over others, it is living in harmony with others.  Compassion and understanding are called for.  Versatility and flexibility, being willing to change, willing to ride the waves of change, are the current requirements.
There is also a strong opportunity to bring love into our lives, if that is an area of concern for you.  A Pluto (19 Capricorn trine to Venus 19 Virgo) signals a strong, easy flow of energy to those of you affected by this chart.  What you truly unconsciously desire, whether it is financial security, beauty, or love, can come to you now.  The more open we are to a fast changing response from the Cosmos, the faster things will change for us.
Remember though, that change in the material dimension is never really very easy…think of the example of stripping wallpaper to change your decor.  There’s a lot of hard, long work involved.  There may be a necessity to put a lot of hard physical work into this period of change.  What I, as an astrologer, have learned over time, is that the work tends to be worth it!  So move forward without fear or worry.
Love and blessings,
Sonja Elison
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It is a time of purification–tears bring new growth. You are healing now.