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Pink Yarrow & Lady’s Mantle: flower essences for support and protection

 The following article was written by a dear friend, Jessica Mennella who is sensitive to the message of the flowers and shares  this truly helpful & hope-filled with us. Quan Yin tells us that the flowers are our brothers and sisters and at this time of transformation have a lot of support and blessings to share with us.

“The message from Spirit on the 2018 summer solstice indicated that “the earth is being shaken like a snow globe” unearthing the fear and chaos buried deep within us and our world.

Two flower essences that are particularly supportive during this earthly shake up are Pink Yarrow (Achillea millefolium var. rubra) and Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris). Both are useful as solo remedies (Pink Yarrow for auric protection, and Lady’s Mantle for connection to Mother Earth); in combination they provide a powerful layer of supportive emotional distance during these bumpy times.

Pink Yarrow works on the the subtle bodies shielding the user from unbalanced forces, shoring up the auric field, and creating a healthy psychic boundary.  Lady’s Mantle connects directly to the dew, the mantle of the healed whole Mother Earth, catalyzing her magnetic forces, and aligning the user with her radiant healing strength.  The result of this combination is a gentle step back into center, supported by a deep connection to the Mother.

I have been using both of these remedies in combination for some time now and experience their influence on the subtle bodies as a sense of ease, a more detached awareness of the frenetic dark energy swirling around at this time.  As a result, the more difficult days seem easier to handle.  We cannot change the world we live in; we can, however, change our experience of it.  And for that, the flower essences are a powerful tool to keep in your toolbox.

How to use Pink Yarrow and Lady’s Mantle flower essences:

Take 4 drops, twice a day, under your tongue or on a bandaid placed on the inside of your wrist (this method works best for kids).  I find leaving the bottles by the bed helps me to remember to take the essences in the morning when I wake, and just before I sleep.  If you find you are having a particularly gnarly day, bring the essences along with you and dose every four hours.

Begin taking the essences immediately as they will create a foundation of support that can be so helpful in these times.”

Essences can be purchased online through the Flower Essence Society.  A link to the online store is included here:

Jessica Mennella is a natural perfumer, face, and body care specialist based in Northern California.  She is focused on integrating the healing of the flowers into our daily lives.  Have questions about the flowers? Drop her a note at:

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