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Solar Eclipse: August 21st, 2017, by Sonja Elison

This month’s Solar Eclipse is being discussed among Astrologers as a hugely important event for the country and the citizens of the U.S. Most of us, I think, have been feeling the increased intensity of the energy lately, as well as an increase in the speed of events. As many of you know, there are a number of different levels on which the planets will manifest. The level which is springing out to me, is societal. In this chart, I am seeing a great deal of emphasis on how we interact with each other on a social, institutional level, and how we agree to “take care of each other.” Naturally, this applies to our individual interactions and relationships as well.

The Solar Eclipse is not an isolated event, but an event which is connected to other eclipses. For example, there will be a partial Lunar Eclipse on August 7. In order to get the best idea possible of what the heavens are trying to tell us, we can look at the characters of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses as well as the characteristic of the Eclipse Family it resides in.

For the Solar Eclipse, the overriding theme is relationships. Not only is the Eclipse itself in the sign of Leo, which is the sign of heart, love, creativity, joy, and loyalty, but this eclipse falls in the 7th house, again the house of relationships. Curiously, given the all the news talk about “loyalty,” Neptune in Pisces in the first house is in a strong opposition, is spotlighting this theme. We are being asked to think about our relationships with others and how we are engaging with truth, loyalty, or deception with others and ourselves.

With Neptune in opposition, we can be tempted to give in to self-deception or to engaging in group illusions. But the real, deep choice is whether we decide to make the leap to devoting ourselves to becoming one with the Divine, and thus living in the truth in our relationships with others. If we truly accept the Divinity within ourselves and others, that must transform the way we interact with others, not only on a personal level, but also on a societal level.

Neptune is exceptionally strong in Pisces, which is its home; what it asks of us, is whether we know what is illusion and what is reality? These days, you can see, we all seem to be living in our own, different realities. How can we relate to others unless we relate with compassion and love? Given the anger, the tumult, the fear in society, it is imperative for us to transform our relationships (Pluto opposition Venus), especially, with respect to the institutions in our society. We either start forming our institutions to engage with all citizens in a respectful and loving fashion, or we will find our groups, our friends, our relationships starting to fall apart.

With Neptune in the first house, square Saturn in the 10th, the end of the “me” society is being signaled. As a society built on Individualism, we have believed for a long time, that with all members of society pursuing their own individual good, we will build a society which provides the greatest good for the greatest number. It looks to me like this ideology will bring conflict, in a way which will erupt through the dissatisfaction, insistence, riots of the masses of those who can take no more insecurity. The fact that Venus is in the 6th house of health/sickness, highlights that powerful struggles over the health of the people will start to effect the understanding of our leaders, and begin to fashion new structures in our society.

Neptune is about our ideologies, our social consciousness, our Faith, and sometimes the lies we tell ourselves and others. The prominence of Neptune in this Eclipse, is about figuring out who we are and what that means for how we are living our lives. The corresponding emphasis in Leo, where the Eclipse actually sits, reminds us that this underlying understanding of how we are connected, will lead to either joy or conflict in our relationships. It may well be time to say good-bye to some of the people in our lives, and even to rethink how we are expressing ourselves.

The hopeful sign in this Eclipse is that Jupiter is in Libra, emphasizing the role of Justice and balance, especially in relationships, and it is being energized by most of the planets in the chart. This is encouragement that the change we are undergoing will take us in the right direction, socially and individually. The decision to adopt justice will not be smooth sailing for some, shown by Uranus in Aries in opposition. If you have planets around 20’ of Libra, you will certainly feel the energy of this Eclipse, as it is all flowing toward you!

An eclipse, like a Full Moon, is signaling the end of one period, and the beginning of a new one. In this Eclipse, institutions and structures which are supposed to care for the people, particularly in regard to their health, are about to change. On an individual level, we should be finding more joy in our relationships, even though, as mentioned before, some will end up having to be transformed or altogether abandoned. Think deeply about what you want in your relationships, and allow the Cosmos to guide you to new relationships, if existing ones are not healthy. Allow your heart to guide you, always with Love and Compassion for yourself and others.

The Awakening of the Feminine Energy

What makes this Eclipse even more interesting, is the entrance of several asteroids/dwarf planets, which bring feminine, goddess energy into our system. When these bodies are included in the older, patriarchal forms of the charts, there emerges a beautiful, deeply harmonious and balanced picture of the energy in our solar system. Giving enhanced room and attention to the feminine energies of nurturing (Ceres), relationship (Juno), wisdom (Pallas Athena), and devotion (Vesta), will allow us to grow as human beings in a more balanced manner, and thus be able to achieve life as 4th/5th dimensional beings.

This period of time, between the New Moon of July, and particularly during the month of August, with its important Eclipses, is a powerful time of opportunity to advance in spiritual consciousness. The extraordinary intensity of the spiritual energy coming into our Earth plane, will last at least until the Full Moon in September.

Many of us have been undergoing slow and steady transformation. August may be a month of sudden, unexpected, and in some cases, wrenching transformation. If there are any remnants of deeply buried resentment, sadness, anger, jealousy, possessiveness, or other deep wounds, these may come to the surface for healing around this time. This period of time is full of very intense and accessible light bridges.

Meditate on love, on justice and harmony for all, and on leaving fear behind. Change is never easy for us humans, and can keep us rather unsettled. With the dramatic and strong energy which we are now experiencing, the sense of being in a period of unknowable change, can be so unsettling, that we seek refuge, solace, comfort in methods of self-indulgence such as over-eating, drugs, drinking, casual sex, or escaping into multiple avenues of media entertainment.

What it means for us as Individuals:

Right now, it can be hard to feel grounded. It can be particularly difficult to understand “reality”. “Reality” is under immense pressure! Accept what comes into your life, create as much love in your life as possible, and keep the values of justice and compassion in the forefront of your thoughts and hearts!

For any of you who have planets, Ascendant or Mid-heaven around the last 5 degrees of Leo, you will be feeling this energy for 6 months to a year. The degree of the Eclipse, 28 or 29, will be “hot” for about a year, so when any planet transits there, you’ll feel it in a supercharged way. The next year will be one of marriages, new relationships, babies, new creative projects and new jobs.

As you know by now, the Eclipse will affect us all differently, depending on our own charts. What is described above is the Universal energy, and how strongly or in what part of your life, you are affected is dictated by your individual chart.

Love and blessings,

Sonja Elison

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