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June/July Astrology, by Sonja Elison

As of June 10th we have come out of the Jupiter Retrograde period, of reflecting on, reviewing, and revising our life goals and desires.  Its amazing how difficult it can be to figure out what you want, isn’t it?  You’ve probably noticed, that now that Jupiter is moving forward again we are moving quite quickly in the direction of fulfilling our dreams.

Jupiter, the bringer of expansion, of joy, of higher consciousness, has been in Libra all year.  Those of you with planetary energy in Libra are definitely feeling this expansion.  Here’s a quick physical test:  have you gained weight?  Jupiter expands not only consciousness, but everything else it touches as well, including the food on your plate and your waistline!  But you will enjoy it immensely!  To be fair to Libras, it is also affecting you if you have planets in Air signs or Fire signs.  I know from doing many of your charts that a lot of you, who may be reading this, are nodding your heads!

I think one of the most important things happening in the heavens right now is that Jupiter is finishing up its tour de force in Libra.  This means that if you have been trying to manifest something in your life, and it’s been going sideways since about the middle of last year, now is the time for it to come to a conclusion.  Jupiter will continue in Libra until October 10, when it enters Scorpio.  Until about mid-September, it is crossing the heavenly path it started last year.  So, if you have been waiting for a dream to come true (job, love, move, new grandchild even), now until September will see events transpire which should bring you joy.

Jupiter in Libra is also very strongly about Justice and so this theme will be dominant in the coming months (if there are any more lawyers out there who aren’t fully employed yet….)  Legal cases and other issues of justice which may have receded since January, will come up again as Jupiter retraces its path.

There is a major event in store for us (those of us who are affected by degree or sign) when Jupiter again comes into opposition to Uranus at 27’ of Libra/Aries during the last week of September and first week October.  This can be a sudden decision, sudden realization about justice, or sudden enlightenment.  You could also decide that its time to change your life into a direction which allows you to be more truly you.

This Jupiter/Uranus opposition is part of the “light bridge” which Melissa and many others have been talking about.  This period will be extremely powerful on the level of consciousness.  It would be a great time to plan a vacation in a spiritually energetic place, so that you can really enjoy and channel the energy download.

As is always the case, there is very much to be said about the heavenly energy, of which we are all a part.  And right now, there are such tremendous energies of change and enlightenment that, literally, books are being written about it!  The spiritual transformation process is at a climax during the summer months as well, and formations in the heavens are occurring which we haven’t seen in thousands of years.  We are all privileged to be part of this transformation.  Melissa and I will be giving a teleconference on some of these signs and their possible meanings.  Unfortunately it’s too much to go into right now!  The summer and fall of 2017 promise to be exceedingly memorable, so buckle up and stay conscious!

Love and Blessings!

Sonja Elison

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