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September Stars, by Sonja Elison

September Stars
by Sonja Elison
Aug 29, 2017

Now that the long awaited Eclipse is over, there’s still more to say about it! I believe everyone I’ve talked to has felt some effect of the Eclipse, so now what?

There is actually quite a bit to know about Eclipses, and the study and information about them isn’t that widespread, so here’s what I have been able to learn and what I’ve put together regarding the very special Eclipse we’ve just experienced.

First of all, the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th was the first part of the set of Eclipses we just experienced. Many of you probably noticed that weird emotional stuff came up at that time. Old Childhood traumas, angry exchanges, bouts of the blues, were part of what the lunar Eclipse was releasing.

The Solar Eclipse, which as you have noticed has been very powerful, among other things, is giving us a chance to integrate, process an incorporate these buried emotions.

During this period of time, from the New Moon of July 23rd to the New Moon of September, astrologically, we have a powerful time during which many of us on the planet will experience a shift in consciousness. Some astrologers are calling this period a time of shifting from the 3D to the 5th dimension. This period is opening up several “light bridges” so that astral travel becomes quicker and easier, and so that our consciousness can leave old Karma behind, and move on. That is why there is so much emotional garbage being dumped right now. The lunar Eclipse had the moon at 15’ Aquarius, a point referred to as “the world axis”. Chiron, the wounded healer, has been in retrograde since 1 July, from that very degree.

Yes, not only is Mercury retrograde right now, but Chiron, which represents our deepest wound, is also retrograde! All of this retrograde action is about “taking out the trash”. We are clearing our bodies, minds and consciousness of old karmic wounds. It hurts. So if you’ve felt like you’ve been swinging wildly from near despair to exuberant joy, you are experiencing the change.

Mercury, which symbolizes our Mentality, is an important part of all of this. Our thinking creates our world. Consider, if you expect or think you deserve nothing from the Universe, everything you receive is an unexpected gift! How delightful! How could you not be happy? But if you expect a smooth 4 star ride through the entire span of your life, well, you might be disappointed. Expecting nothing breeds gratitude, which leads to an attitude of joy and abundance.

Mercury has been retrograde and will go back in the Zodiac to the point of the Eclipse, 28’ Leo, and it will sit there for several days. When a planet has gone retrograde, and then stations, its effect is much stronger. Because Mercury is stationing on the degree of the Eclipse, (from the 3rd until the 8th) we will have another chance to take in the mentality of a higher consciousness which the Solar Eclipse brought us. When you look around the world, what you are likely to see during this week is a great deal of communication. Mercury/Mars is nervous and assertive at best, and on a superheated degree, we can expect thoughtless exchanges, based on hurt egos, and simply the brash desire to wound others. Yes, it should be quite a week for the news!

The degree of the Eclipse, 28 Leo, will remain energized for quite a long while. We will see effects for at least a year if not longer. During the Sept 6 Full Moon, both Mercury and Mars will be on the degree of the Eclipse. This heralds a great deal of energized mental activity. We will probably see more conflict, as those who are not handling the energy well, allow themselves to become irritated, rash, and aggressive. Debates can flair into arguments as Egos take control of rational discussion.

The Mind, our mentality, will be speeding up quite a bit, and you may find that communications seem like they are just flying around you. The creative imagination will be fired up, although it may feel somewhat unbalanced, as there is little patience or time to focus on completing projects. The solution to this feeling of being in a whirlwind is to stay grounded: try meditating, commune with nature, and try some flower essences.

This Full Moon is all about our consciousness, about completing the transformations in our consciousness which have been going on for so long. The September Full Moon itself is at 13 Virgo/Pisces and so is emphasizing service, love and compassion.

The Sun will be in Virgo ruled by Mercury (or Chiron). With the Sun in Virgo, the healing of the Mentality can achieved. The Energy of the Sun in Leo, which is strong and Ego Centered, is now much more modest, aware and other directed. The healing and service themes of Virgo and Chiron will be highlighted.

The Moon will be in Pisces and also conjunct Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. This is very receptive and unbounded energy, of a spiritual nature. If you are open to Divine Light, healing of your emotions, turning suffering into love, is possible. This Sun/Moon opposition is one of the light bridges which will allow our Souls to commune with the Divine. Be aware that this energy is very absorbent: Because the effect is to be so open and so absorbing of the energy surrounding you, this will be a time to be very conscious to surround yourself with Good Energy and avoid the Bad. Of all the Full or New Moons that come up in the year, this one would be a good one to make sure that you connect with people you know and trust to pass positive energy.

For those of us who are able to use the energy well, there should be an outflow of creative, imaginative energy. But for those who are having trouble with the energetic shift going on, the negative events associated with a very strong Neptune may overpower the positive. Events such as flooding, poisonings, deception, stories about drug abuse and other escape mechanisms, and the sense of living in a completely different and fearsome reality which is hard to understand may predominate.

In sum, the energy of change and transformation remains very very strong through this Full Moon and into the New Moon of September. Stay grounded, stay positive and raise your Face to the Sun!

Sonja Elison

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