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New Moon in Libra October 19th, 2017

Greetings, we are holding a special Free New Moon conference on the Thursday the 19th – It is time to plant new seeds, seeds of harmony, balance and inner peace. Inner peace leads to world peace. Think about it for a few moments a world filled with balanced harmonious beings ūüôā it’s possible, let’s make it happen. Set you intentions, take some time to ask yourself how can I become more balanced? The Libra new moon gives¬† us an opportunity to find that balance – I am working on finding balance with the Fires in my home town in Northern California – Where as a race have our passions gone out of balance? lots of questions to ask ourselves¬† before we set intentions for this new moon.

See Astrological thoughts on the New Moon from Sonja Elison

Hi!  Got it done!

New Moon Oct 19 2017
by Sonja Elison
What is remarkable about this New Moon is all the positive planetary energy at the apex of the kite formation which several of the planets make in the New Moon chart.  This is a fast and effective flow of energy between most of the planets in the heavens, and signals some very hopeful  developments for our Earth.  Much of this energy is Mental, and is connected to our understanding of life, and to our communications among ourselves, as well as with Spirit
Jupiter and Mercury are placed right next to the New Moon, and also with the fixed Stars Spica and Arcturus.  New beginnings are possible both in relationships and in our understanding of how we are all, as human beings related.  While Jupiter signifies Good Will and Understanding on a truly philosophical level, Mercury helps our rational and analytical minds to interpret the Cosmic Truths through stories, through communication and through Life’s little adventures, and through life’s more upsetting ones!
This is a harbinger of good news, of new starts turning in positive directions, which should provide plenty for many of us.  We have all been experiencing the quickening of time and of events, as well as changes which seem to have come out of nowhere to upset our daily routines and patterns.  As we reflect on the changes which so abruptly come into our lives, and are generally uninvited, we often come to realize that those changes were needed.  We get into ruts, into stable routines, and start to become blinded to the wonders of our daily lives.  Only through upsetting that stable pattern do we relearn to become nimble, to once again open our eyes to the paths we are walking, to once again appreciate others in the world around us, and to see what parts of ourselves have become dull and lifeless.
How many times have you heard of relationships failing because partners started to take each other for granted?  Instead of being grateful for the love and kindness we receive from our partners, we assume that dinner will be on the table, that husbands will bring home a paycheck, that kids will do their homework (okay, maybe not so much!)  We see a look of appreciation from someone new, and it feels different and lights a spark inside us.
That spark, that jolt of electricity, will be felt this month through Uranus, which is at the ‚Äútail‚ÄĚ of the kite formation.¬† New insights, new awakenings abound in the human collective, and that energy will flow into new understandings.¬† This energy may come directly into renewing and revitalizing Political and Social debate.¬† Yes, thats a nice way of saying more screaming at one another.¬† There is also, however the possibility of surprising news, which turns a lot of lives onto new paths.¬† Flexibility and adaptability will be useful personality characteristics!
The best use of the energy is through Saturn and the North Node, which would teach us to be patient and hard working, as we build our new lives.  It will also call on us to express our better angels, and to build a new society that is founded on a vision of caring for all, on leadership which is generous and kind-hearted rather than ego-maniacal or greedy.  The next 4 weeks will open up possibilities for turning our insights and inspirations into reality.  We need not simply watch our old lapse into chaos.  Now is a good time to pitch in and help rebuild.
While I have focused mainly on  the positive, the energy of surprising and unforeseen events is  not over.  It is, however, not as central to the messages of the cosmos as it has been lately!
Once we take in this vision of our collective good, we will be able to make the best use of the bounty of the Earth, and the generosity of the Cosmos.  The Uranus, New Moon, Jupiter opposition is again a light bridge. so we have the choice of how we use the incoming light energy.
love and blessings

Melissa Halsey

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