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May Astrology Report, by Sonja Elison

May Astrological Energies
by:  Sonja Elison
     May should be an extraordinary month.  The Full Moon of May 10th is highlighted by some lovely trines between Jupiter and Mars, a Jupiter/Venus connections, and a mystic rectangle through which the energy of Pluto, the Moon and the Sun are strengthened and quickened and are directed toward getting us to our life goals.
     The energy of Jupiter, which is of great benevolence, is a focal point of the heavens during May, and even into June!  Jupiter is about growth, about our understanding and attitude toward life, about joy, and about embracing the fullness and the experiences of life with optimism and courage..  While Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury were retrograde over the past month, we’ve been asked (or forced in some cases) to really dig into our consciousness to figure out what we want in life.  Jupiter asks us to let go of fear and take risks to experience what will actually make us happy and whole:  Faith is part of the equation, as Jupiter requires risk:  Risking our hearts for love, risking our security for new jobs, new experiences, new lessons, and even risking money for the opportunity to build a more satisfying future.  All of these activities are like diving into a pool of water in that you have to have faith that the risk of leaving the solid Earth will be worth the joy of the swim and the cool water.
     Jupiter is in Libra this month, which is ruled by Venus, and is also in opposition to Venus (in Aries).  For those of you who know some of the planetary positions in your charts, Venus and Jupiter will be strongest at 12-15 degrees.  For the fire and air signs, change, opportunities, growth and love can come quickly and unexpectedly.  For the earth and water signs (meaning not just your Sun sign, but if you have planets at these degrees in these signs), the transformation of emotional wounds with which you arrived here on Earth, should be at an apex.  You will have opportunities to release that pain, and enter into new relationships unburdened by the past.  There may be some emotionally intense periods with people you know at work, at school, or in the community, especially around the time of the Full Moon.
     With Jupiter stationary at 13-14 degrees of Libra, from May 6 until July 14 (!!!), there is a very strong emphasis on love and relationships—understood very broadly.  If you believe the spiritual maxim that we are all love, our energy is love, then you can understand how profound this Full Moon and month will be.  We will have opportunities to make the decision to grow in love, compassion and understanding, and to enter into relationships without holding back out of fear or insecurity.  We will also be in a good space to consider how love underpins the necessity to act justly in the world, and again, with compassionate and unconditional love.
     During the Full Moon, not only is Jupiter in Libra, but it is in the 12th house, marking the potential for spiritual growth and understanding, for compassion for humanity, for the divine within us to emerge into fullness.  This potential for Divine Love may be in hibernation in some of us, but it is about to break through and blossom.  Be conscious of your thoughts, desires and feelings, especially between the Full Moon (the 10th) and the 20th.  During this time, we will be challenged to not lapse into self-gratification, but to exercise that newly awakened spiritual energy in a selfless way.  If you are feeling greed and/or indolence, be wary and try to channel that energy into a better direction.
     Another danger of too much Jupiter/Venus is the temptation to fall into “lust” rather than love.  With Mars in Scorpio, sexual desires are intensified, and Neptune’s square to Mars from the 5th house of romance and play, can indicate that one’s own intense desires can overrule consideration of others.
Overall, this month, there is opportunity to come to a much more enlightened understanding of relationships, and to turn one’s inspirations into reality.  Growth comes through justice, charity, sociability, refinement of our senses, and a focus on our Divine nature.

Melissa Halsey

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