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Welcome January 1st Full Moon

Full Moon 
Jan 1 2018
9:17 pm Washington, DC
Sonja Elison
For those of you who listened to Melissa’s Full Moon Channeling in December, you are aware that Spirit led us to expect a significant full moon in January.  It most certainly is!  Similar to the last teleconference we did on the Full Moon (October 2017), this chart features another kite formation, telling of a fast and free flow of energy.  This chart connects all the planets to the Full Moon, indicating that cosmic energy is fully connected and plugged in!  Very powerful!  Melissa’s channeling emphasized the “flow” of energy, and this chart is definitely full of Flow.  So expect the pace of events in January to be quick!
Adding to these aspect patterns, Mercury, which was retrograde for much of December—(I’m sure you noticed), will be again in forward motion.  Uranus, the bringer of sudden, abrupt and unexpected change, will also turn direct on the 2nd, so it is acting in an extremely powerful way right now.
There is so much important information in this month’s Full Moon chart, that I will try to reiterate and emphasize the most important features!  First:  Fast, unimpeded changes will occur, especially in our creative and caring natures.  This is probably good news for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, for one!
The Full Moon axis emphasizes the 5th/11th house polarity of the Zodiac chart, which instructs us about our loving and creative natures.  As Jesus said in the Bible, “Love your neighbor as you love Yourself”.  For many of us, we need to meditate on the “love ourselves” portion, especially with the Rising Sign, this Full Moon at 5’ of Virgo.  Emphasizing the energy of this axis, is the conjunction of the Sun and Venus.  We are literally being called to create out of our Divine Natures, in a spirit of Love and transformation, to care for and nurture humanity.  Really!  Pluto, representing transformation and the power of our unconscious natures, is also in conjunction (that means next to) the Sun and Venus.  All of this indicates that we have the creative potential to reach into depths of power which we may not even be aware of, to transform our institutions into more responsible and caring, loving centers.  We can create!
The Full Moon is also in exact aspect to Neptune.  Again, astrologically, this is a powerful sign.  It reinforces the divine nature of our creative power, the divine nature of our connectedness and relationships, and the connection with the Cosmos which will support our creative endeavors.  What we do out of love will bring great fruits this month.  Beauty, art and spirituality are supported and energized.  This can be a time of great creative output for the artists out there!  It can be a time when those of us who create, create our most astounding and timeless works.
There will be acts of selflessness which we will witness, and which can turn the tide of events.  Such acts of selflessness can be experienced by us as acts of martyrdom or senseless suffering, so think about what happens in the news in the next month, in a broader perspective.  I think a good example is the effect of the “Me too” movement.
Nonetheless, I want to focus on the positive sides of the energy in the chart….as Spirit has repeated, as we move into the new dimensions, there is a lot of churning……It is not all pleasant right now.  BUT, this Full Moon has great potential energy!
Another part of the formation of energy is the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio in the 3rd house.  While we have in modern times, begun to interpret Jupiter as “Luck” and “Fortune”, giving it a material aspect, the true nature of Jupiter is an Enlightened Consciousness.  Broad mindedness, tolerance, justice and generosity are characteristics, which, this chart suggests, we must bring back into our Ego energy.  This conjunction gives great potential for achieving what we desire, especially given that it is in Scorpio (14-17’ for those of you who know your charts…if you have planets between 11 and 20’ you will feel this very strongly!)
This month is definitely a time of learning to act with justice, with tolerance and generosity, of learning to look within and bring up our inner, unconscious power to overcome wounds and scars from relationships.  This month, review your relationships, and send out love, compassion and forgiveness to those who have wounded you.  It is a month during which you can heal those scars which may have driven much of your lives up until now.  You can release that negative energy now.
There is great potential for inspiration and wisdom during this Full Moon, for connecting to the Divine Energies beyond the veil and deep within each of us.  Mercury’s return into Sagittarius has brought it, again, into aspect with Uranus, and this is very inspirational energy.  Intuition can be stronger than you might even imagine.  Allow your Mind, your communications to flow without worry, concern or hindrance!  The mental energies in this chart are unleashing!  You may feel some tension between the rational, mental energy, which is used to making 3rd dimension calculations, and the energy of love and abundance, which is bursting forth.  Be conscious and vote with your heart!
Again, most important messages:  Fast and effective energy, especially productive when used with loving and nurturing intentions!
Opportunity to heal karmic wounds through love, compassion and forgiveness, thus changing the potential power of your energy.
If we reflect on how we have used our energy, we can apply a judicious and generous temperament, and achieve much wisdom.  We have the opportunity to turn Ego centered actions into wisdom, and thereby achieve much more.
Finally, our creative potential to transform our world, to nurture and connect with each other, will be supported by the cosmic flow of energy.
Love without measure, Forgive with compassion, Create, Express your Gratitude, and Enjoy Abundance!  
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Be compassionate always, in all ways.