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Transcend or Descend By: Melissa Halsey

Time to enter the “flow of Love” and deeply accept the divine nature within.

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to the East Coast, connecting with soul family members in NY and CT.   On the last Sunday in June, seven of us entered a circle of light together, balancing our bodies in the third and the fifth dimension simultaneously…We experienced  amazing feelings of love and clarity, with wonderful information shared by the Masters and a directive to enter the steams of love.

I believe  most of you reading this are aware  that the consciousness of the Human Race is expanding to a higher vibration. The Higher vibrations of light that have been entering the atmosphere/aura of the planet and of individual human beings,  for the last 30 years, have begun to penetrate the density of the third dimension with  greater intensity.  The intensity of the light entering the physical, mental & emotional bodies can cause us to “rattle, rock and roll” with all of the changing frequencies.

In 2016 activation the “spiritual map” in the human consciousness of Unity Consciousness ripped open veils of illusion, bringing to greater awareness the lack of Unity in our World.  2017 heralded the activation of the Divine consciousness, ( the seeds of divinity exist with in all – ASK YOURSELF ” Is it harder to accept that I AM divine or harder to accept that another is divine?”) either way we are being challenged to step in the the higher frequency of descend into suffering and darkness. ( see store to purchase 2016 or 2017 support essential oil essence sprays)

There are ways that we can help the physical, mental, and emotional bodies work in harmony  with the greater  acceptance of light and the transformation of our shadows.

The channeling often mentions–Flower essences, herbs, roots, plants, Nature Mindfulness, Breathing, yoga and so on–it is helpful to know that we can find support as we make our individual and collective transformations into the higher frequency.

I am gathering a group of Wise Beings together to share their wisdom with you on how to  make the transition easier on all of your bodies Please see below to see the tips  our expert nutritional coach, flower speaker & astrological wise woman have to share this month!

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Breathe deeply and remember that you are a child of the light.