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Welcome 2024!

Happy New Year! We at WisdomWord appreciate all your support and the input of your beautiful energy in 2023. As our gift to you, we would like to share with you a recording of the powerful January 1st, 2024 Mantra Monday Chakra Attunement with additional information from Spirit for the year to come. You can access the free recording here.

2024 brings a lot of changes to humanity as move further along the path of ascension. WisdomWord is making plans for new teachings, retreats and virtual gatherings, please see below for a few that are coming up.

Jess Menella of FLWR Napa Valley has received the Be Here Now 2024 Wisdom Spray recipe, which I channeled from Spirit. She is busily working on preparing the spray, available soon here, which you can use to spray in your aura, body, and container of light and live fully present in the moment.

Our Special 2024 New Year Live Channeling Teleconference will be held on the New Moon on January 11th, 2024 – you can register here. Spirit has given Melissa the 2024 Invocation, which is on page 54 of Melissa’s recent book Prayers, Invocations, Affirmations & Exercises, available on Amazon here.

The 2024 Invocation, entitled Mindful Awareness, activates the I AM PRESENCE in the present moment. Any time you speak out loud using I AM, you are directly manifesting whatever follows the I AM.

The 2024 Invocation is:

Mindful Awareness

Breathing in I AM present

Breathing out I release the past

Breathing in I AM present

Breathing out I let go of worrying about the future

I AM Aware

I AM Awake

I AM fully present in this moment

Practicing mindful awareness

Breathing in I AM fully present

Breathing out I AM fully present

On the morning of 2024 New Year’s Day we practiced our Mantra Monday with a preview of the energies of 2024 along with our chakra attunement. We would like to gift the recording of this teleconference to all of you, please enjoy here.

Important Upcoming Dates:

Monday, Wednesday & Saturday mornings: Free Live Chakra Attunements continue in 2024, email us for the call-in information.

January 7th New Empowerment Teaching Series starts: Finding Joy With The Six Paramitas in Buddhism

January 11th Special 2024 New Year Live Channeling Teleconference

January 25th January Full Moon Live Channeling Teleconference

We have a new Masters Class starting in February, stay tuned!

~Melissa Halsey

Melissa Halsey

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