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Full Moon Call Teleconference Thursday June 24th, 2021


The June  2021 Full Moon occurs at a powerful changing time in our current material reality. Full Moons are auspicious times to gather together and bring in the cosmic, spiritual energies. They signal a time to release the old and to embrace new growth. We are in constant cycles, the moon with her luminous presence, reminds of this. Pay attention to her cycles, be still. and bathe in the illumination of her silvery light.

Once again it is best to keep your heart open to love and stick to your practices that help you main equanimity.





The June 2021 full moon teleconference takes place on Thursday, June 24th.  The June 24 full moon is very optimistic and generous because it is sextile Jupiter. The extremely close conjunction to fixed star Polis makes it an especially fortunate moon phase with an emphasis on success, honesty, and spirituality.
The teleconference starts at 5:30 Pacific/8:30 Eastern.

The June 24 full moon at 03°27′ Capricorn makes one very positive planetary aspect. But much of the optimism and good fortune from the full moon sextile Jupiter must be harnessed to deal with the challenges posed by two difficult aspects; Venus opposite Pluto and Saturn square Uranus. Thankfully, more help comes from a Jupiter-Mars natured star at 03°30′ Capricorn that brings success and ambition.

Full Moon Sextile Jupiter brings cheerfulness, optimism, honesty, good fortune and a more harmonious family life. A willingness to share your feeling, plus an intuitive understanding of the feeling of others, makes this a good full moon for socializing. New friendships are likely to be with genuine, honest, and even influential people who can help you succeed. Family members and people associated with spirituality, business, education, and the law may also be of valuable assistance

Venus opposite Pluto intensifies your need for love and affection but can cause drama in your closest relationships. This may involve manipulation, power struggles, suspicion, jealousy, possessiveness, threats, or intimidation.

Saturn Square Uranus (2 of 3) is waning in its disruptive influence after climaxing on June 14. But there will still be a few more weeks of tension due to restrictive changes and unexpected restrictions, until the final square on December 24, 2021.

All in all we have an opportunity to use the grounding energy of Capricorn to make new things happen in our lives – respond to the negatives with love and all will be well.






Access to one Full Moon Circle Teleconference call. The theme for 2021 is COMPASSIONATE ACTION .

Upon purchase, you will receive the teleconference number and access code both in your order confirmation at checkout and in the confirmation email after purchase. Please try to join a few minutes ahead of the scheduled time as the telephone link may be busy with the number of participants joining.

All teleconference calls will be recorded and you will receive a digital audio recording of the call by email in the week following the call.

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Breathe deeply and remember that you are a child of the light.