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Monthly Full Moon Call


The full moon of FEBRUARY  2019  rises on the 19TH. The February 19 full moon at 00°42′ Virgo Sign is conjunct the mighty fixed star Regulus in the Heart of the Lion, Leo Constellation.  This is a strong,  and daring full moon. It is makes the bountiful trine aspect (120°) to a Mars Uranus conjunction. This exciting and revolutionary alignment compliments the bold nature of Regulus.  The full moon February 2019 brings exciting opportunities that will make you feel more alive and free. Many separate things which have confused, scared or depressed you will seem to come together and make sense. It should restore your faith that God, or the Universe, does have a plan for you.



Access to one Full Moon Circle Teleconference call. The theme for 2019 is SOUL INTEGRATION .

Upon registration, you will receive the teleconference number and access code. Please try to join a few minutes ahead of the scheduled time as the telephone link may be busy with the number of participants joining.

All teleconference calls will be recorded and you will receive a downloadable mp3 file of the call by email in the week following the call.

Be compassionate always; in all ways.

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