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This special event –  NEW YEAR  TELECONFERENCE will be held on Wednesday January 1, 2020 at 5:30pm Pacific/8:30pm Eastern. We will start with a special New Year Chanting/Breathing session.

You will receive an mp3 file of the channeling, & the 2020 invocation.



Wednesday January 1st, 2020

5:30 pm Pacific/8:30 pm Eastern.

We will begin with a 15 minute special New Year  Chanting/Breathing session. The session will last 1 hour 15 minuets.

Spirit has said that this is the YEAR OF ENLIGHTENED COMMUNITY, of  OPENING TO THE LOVE  in ourselves and in others AND SURFING THE WAVES OF LIGHT.  The new beginning and a call to create new possibilities highlights the need for us to serve humanity, AND shines a light on the qualities of conscious  COMMUNICATION and ENLIGHTENED AWARENESS.

January 1st, New Years Day starts a new decade. The 1st of the year, sits between a powerful new moon/eclipse on Christmas day ( 12/25/19) and the Full Moon eclipse on January 10th.  This is an ideal time to turn things around and release energies that keep you heavy and weighed down in fear and struggle.

St. Germaine  said this New Year/New Decade we are entering into, continues to chasten or bodies (emotional, physical, mental and Spiritual) by staying conscious and  Self aware we can utilize the increasingly available light energy for releasing generational patterns of fear. You can prepare by writing out your fears on the 12/25/19 New Moon Eclipse  to help you open your heart. This will help you see whom you will be when you emerge from this process. This New Moon heralds your new self in a new and changing  world.

You will receive an mp3 file of the teleconference & the 2020 invocation. *NOTE  The 2020  VIBRATIONAL SPRAY made with blessed water from the New Moon and Full Moon of 2020, essential oils, flower essences, and gem and star elixirs, will be available for sale after the  January the Full Moon.*

Join us for this years special 2020 New Year Teleconference and bathe in the pure beam of light. Together we will draw a powerful beam of light energy to lift our Spirits, activate our crystalline bodies and anchor a new age of Life with out fear on the Earth.

Upon registration, you will receive the teleconference number and access code.

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I am the Mother of compassion you are transforming old fears now. Trust in your connection to me.