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Sunday Call 4/2/17 Bat and Bear: introspection supports dropping old habits

This week’s  call brought us Bat supported by bear. Bat embraces the idea of the shamanistic death…Shaman death is the symbolic death of the old ways of life and personal identity. Bat popping into our week asks us to look at what we might need to let go of.  Perhaps it is old habits that no longer support our growth or old belief systems that do not allow for expansion and compassion. Bats appearance symbolizes the need for a ritualistic death of some way of life that no longer serves us.

Bat is death and re-birth. We are leaving the “cave” and going out into the world in a new way. In fact we are entering a new world. The guides have been speaking to us about our ascension into the higher frequencies  and the higher frequencies that are infusing the planet,. Mother Earth is raising her vibration therefore we are feeling the urge to do the same. That which is within us that is not of the higher vibrations is surfacing. If we look at our world we see it all around us. If we look within ourselves we will see it as well.

Bat energy reminds us to let go of what is dragging us down – bat gives us the opportunity to be reborn to the higher self and to die to the lower selves that no longer serve our new growth patterns.

The support of the week is the Bear Totem – Bear says ” no one knows better than yourself what is proper and timely for your evolution.” Bear is introspection and supports us this week by reminding us to go inward. Take a trip to the cave and hibernate like bear does to gain insight, nourishment and support from the void of the great mother.

It never fails that the animal totems provide us with the perfect relationship for gaining the most from their guidance and support. If you realize that you are in a birth and re-birth pattern ( by paying attention to the arrival of bat than you can understand why the support of a little of bear’s introspective qualities, can help you acknowledge what habits and behaviors to let go of to support your growth this week

Melissa Halsey

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