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August Thoughts: Six Paramitas

Greetings in the light, the month of August was ushered in by a powerful full moon in Aquarius on the 1st and will be escorted out by a blue full moon in Pisces August 31st.

WisdomWord’s full moon channeling transmission was held Tuesday evening August 1st bringing through powerful energy. If you were not able to attend you can purchase the recording here.

Quan Yin, Archangel Michael and St Germaine came through with messages for all of humanity during these potent times of change. One of the main themes was that the decisions we make at this time are strongly affecting the paths we walk; all of our choices are important to come from the true self rather than the ego/personality self. Humanity as a whole has the opportunity to move into a higher frequency and individually each one of us who comes from truth and unconditional love not only moves the individual up but also strengthens the rising movement of the whole.

It was also mentioned during the channeling that there are many messages coming to human kind, particularly in the cloud formations, and in order to interpret we must spend time in stillness in nature contemplating the clouds, without the distractions of the outer world.

Important Dates in August & September

August 1st Full Moon Transmission: purchase recording here if you missed it

Live Chakra Attunements: August 5, 7, 9, 12 & 14 (Call 667-770-1560 & enter code 532085)

August 14 Mantra Monday: is last one until we resume Saturday September 2nd

August 31st Full Moon Transmission: register here if you did not already purchase the August Full Moon Package

September 2nd Live Chakra Attunement resumes

September 10th New Empowerment Series on the 6 Paramitas (on 10 Sundays, ending November 12th) The Paramitas are six qualities that the Buddha taught to help us stay centered on the path to enlighten and to release us from habitual behaviors that lead to our suffering. Register here

The 6 Paramitas

The Sanskrit word paramita means to cross over to the other shore. Paramita may also be translated as perfection, perfect realization, or reaching beyond limitation. Through the practice of these six paramitas, we cross over the sea of suffering (samsara) to the shore of happiness and awakening (nirvana); we cross over from ignorance and delusion to enlightenment. It has been said that a disciple asked the Buddha Shakyamuni how to reach the enlightened state and the paramitas were given as instruction through the sutras.

In Pema Chodron’s book Comfortable with Uncertainty she gives this definition: “That which has reached the other shore” “These are six qualities that take us beyond our habitual ways of seeking solidarity and security.”

While researching the Paramitas I have found that subsequently 4 more qualities were added bringing the number to 10 and also that the translations of the qualities from Sanskrit to English can be slightly different.

In our 10-week class we will look at the original 6 understanding that each of the six paramitas is an enlightened quality of the heart, a glorious virtue or attribute – the innate seed of perfect realization within us. The paramitas are the very essence of our true nature. However, since these enlightened qualities of the heart have become obscured by delusion, selfishness, and other karmic tendencies, we must develop these potential qualities and bring them into expression. In this way, the six paramitas are an inner cultivation, a daily practice for wise, compassionate, loving, and enlightened living.

Six Paramitas:

1) Generosity

2) Ethical Discipline

3) Patience

4) Enthusiastic Effort

5) Meditative Concentration

6) Prajna or Wisdom  

Melissa Halsey

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It is a time of purification–tears bring new growth. You are healing now.