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Sweet Pea • A flower essence for connection by Jessica Mennella

  • Melissa Halsey
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August is here and it’s heating up.  Significant astrological events are occurring: a full moon lunar eclipse on August 7th turbocharging our emotional independence, followed by a new moon solar eclipse on August 21st generating great courage and setting us up for growth in a way that can be felt for the next six months.

Sounds exhilarating… but all this turbocharged energy can also be exhausting.

An easy way to take care of yourself this month is through flower essences, which offer simple portable remedies to support you during the ups and downs.  Flower essences work on the mental and emotional – versus the physical – bodies and as such do not create any direct bio-chemical changes to the system.

One flower essence remedy that can be helpful in this time is Sweet Pea, which supports us by easing our ability to find, and create community and feel a sense of place on the Earth.  Sweet Pea addresses the disconnect we feel from nature that comes through living in an increasingly on-line world, situated in urban and suburban environments.

How to use Sweet Pea Flower Essence:

Purchase a bottle here: Flower Essence Society:

Take 4 drops twice a day – under your tongue, or on a band-aid placed on the inside of your wrist (this method works best for kids).

Begin taking the formula immediately as it will create a foundation of stability for the coming month.  Dose daily throughout August for support and stability.

Jessica Mennella is a natural perfumer and student of the flowers based in Northern California.  Have questions about the flowers?  Drop her a note.

Melissa Halsey

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