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August Full Moon Astrology

By Sonja Elison

The August Full Moon falls at 11 Aquarius, energizing the polarity of love.  Aquarius, though rebellious, non-conformist, quirky and freedom loving, is about the love of humanity.  They are the seers and inventors among us.  These are the Souls who won’t stand for injustice or cruelty.  At its highest manifestation, the Leo/Aquarius polarity is about knowing that we are so interconnected, that loving one’s self, is the same as Loving the Other.  In the same way, loving the Other is the same as Loving One’s Self. 

In this Full Moon, the stubborn nature of this Aquarius Moon will shine forth, as this Full Moon forms a close square to Uranus in Taurus.  It will take work, but the challenge is to see the Spark of the Divine in our relationships, and to cherish that spark. 

Regardless of color, gender, religious or national affiliation, this is an opportunity to see the Divine Light in our neighbors, and to find something to love and to connect to, within all .  

The Moon in Aquarius is also forming a sextile to Mars in Aries, where the courage, assertiveness and fearlessness of Mars are at their strongest.  The idea her is: what the Aquarian Soul can envision, the Aries energy can bring to life.  

There is a great deal of fighting energy in the chart as well.  Mars is in the house of our everyday reality, so we may be getting even more accustomed to living with rebelliousness and protests.  Uranus in the 7th house of relationships speaks of old relationships moving out of our lives to make way for new, unconventional, but inspiring ones.  Enlightened community is certainly shown in this chart! 

 We should deal with our insecurity and fear about the unknowns of the future, by strengthening our relationships in our communities.  If we are certain that we know who we are, we will be able to use the creative Mars energy to remain true to ourselves, and on course in our daily lives.  

With the huge amount of Fire and Air energized in this chart, we will certainly be seeing debate, argument, and confrontations regarding humanitarian ideals, justice, and equality.  If it seems to you like the 1960’s are replaying, there’s a good reason!  The determination to advance the consciousness of individuals and of groups is back, as well as the obstinate resolute determination to keep us from progressing.  

The forces of old are meeting the forces of the New Age in a battle which looks like it will destroy quite a lot of the past we have known.  The resolution of the forces we are now seeing arraying in opposing lines of battle, will swell until mid-November, and eventually cool off into December.  This sounds like a pretty standard election season, with both sides hardening their positions and gathering their troops.  

The most soothing energy in the chart is anchored through Neptune, which is in a very helpful sextile to Pluto and the Vertical Axis in the chart.  Imagination, Visualization, Music, connecting with the Divine, daydreaming should help us to see the creation of the Divine New, rather than participating in the destruction of the old.  

Finally, with the energy in this chart, we will be called on to grow in maturity and wisdom.  It will be easy to react emotionally to the stimuli around us, but our best course of action is to continue working on patience, planning for the future, and trying to remember those words of wisdom our Grandmas frequently tried to teach us!  Now is the time to focus on tasks in front of us, organize our resources, and create visions for the future.  It is a good time to clarify our thinking, and to resist the urge to act before thinking.

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