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Full Moon Transmission From Archangel Raziel

Greetings all, while meditating one morning in October, I heard the name Raziel Raziel Raziel over and over, the frequency and vibration was different that I had ever experienced. I opened my heart and channel to Quan Yin and her familiar loving energy surrounded me – she assured me that Raziel was of the light and directed me to go to the computer and type in the name – I found a great deal information on Archangel Raziel. The Archangel Raziel is known as the angel of mysteries, and the name Raziel means secrets of God. Archangel Raziel is the wizard and alchemist of the Archangels as he holds the key to unlocking many of the secrets and mysteries of the Universe. Angel Raziel is also a master of transforming knowledge into wisdom. As I continued to read I noted that the color associated with this particular Archangel was not one single color but that of the rainbow- I felt chills as my early morning meditation was filled with rainbows, which was a first. Also during the live chakra attunement that morning I found my self speaking of rainbows, and realized I had been feeling the Archangel Raziel before the name came into my consciousness. At the close of the November Full Moon call he came through in the channeling, of which you will find a transcribed excerpt of the channeling below.

The following is a transcription of the first group channeling from Archangel Raziel through Melissa, received during the Full Moon Channeling in November 2021:

I am Raziel, Archangel Raziel. I speak now. 
My vibration is moving towards the planet. You will begin to hear from me through other channels, to begin to hear from me in the dream time and meditation. 
You have begun, many of you, to receive messages.
I am appearing into the consciousness of the human race now, in a collective way, and so you will begin to notice me, hear about me, see me, experience me.
I appear in the material world through the dream time when individuals are ready to hear the secrets of the creator. To understand their connection to the God-Goddess within. Understand the whole.
I am Raziel.
You remember in the past the stories of the great covenants they came thru the rainbows. And you're still drawn all these centuries later to rainbows.
You now have your contraptions, your smartphones, your cameras, your this and your that and you run over to take pictures of the rainbows and you share them with one another, sometimes in complete unconsciousness.
The inner being remembers that the rainbow is the covenant: it is the reminder, it is the contract that says “I am God-Goddess, I am creator, I am with you, you're not alone, we are together.” Be still open your hearts to receive.
I am Archangel Raziel. As you begin to see the rainbow colors behind your vision, as you begin to notice it reflected in the glass, see it in the sky, inside of a crystal - know that I am contacting you.
Notice the rainbows, the cartoon shapes on the stickers as you walk down the street on an advertisement. Notice the rainbows however they are depicted. I am connecting to you.
Call my name as you call Michael.  Three times is always powerful in calling or invoking the name of one of the archangels or Masters, Ascended Masters, or Guides, or Guardians. 3×3, so nine times, is very important for those of you who have trouble believing a need to develop that connection. It's like having phone call to India or something from the United States and needing to get that clear connection. Your technology shows you clear connections now in your material world, this is a reflection of the ability you have  to make that clear connection with the Spiritual world. 
Call on me, Raziel, to release the secrets of your Soul. To release the aspect, the reflections, the messages from the God-Goddess within.  Messages from God, the understanding of why you are here.
I am Archangel Raziel.  I celebrate with you. I celebrate that your planet is ready to receive. Yes, there is turmoil around do not let that turmoil drag you down into the mire.
Think of a great tub, the plug being removed, and the water is going down the drain. The old is draining off. Release yourselves from attachments to what is leaving, what is dissolving.
Look up, look to the light.  Rise up, rise above it. Call on the vibrations that you worked with tonight and the ones that have come to you, to your hearts, to your light.
I am Raziel burning bright, using all the rainbows of light.
Do you think that it is a coincidence that many of you have been working on the chakras now for the last year and a half, two years or so?
The vibration of COVID brought in the vibration of the chakras, the light spectrum, the rainbow.
These are all messages of how you open to the light. My presence on the planet and my ability to pierce through the veils to contact channels, to contact hearts, to contact souls. My appearance in the world is reminding you that the openings are taking place.  Do not be afraid. Do not be in despair.
Move through the suffering and the sorrow by being present in each moment, accepting what is, breathing with it, transforming it, bringing in the light.
You have many gifts.  St. Germain has given during this age; the Violet Flame, the Violet Cloak, the Violet Dream Catcher, the Violet Bowls. Quan Yin has given you the blessings of the flowers in the garden. Michael has given you the Sword of Truth and Light. I bring you the Rainbow Connection tonight.
You may open the palms now and continue to receive.
The vibration and transmission from this channeling will go on until about midnight tomorrow night. So as much time as you have between now and then to sit in the silence to receive, to repeat any of the chants, any of the toning combinations, meditations. To bless water, to be present, to be in the moment, to sit with a tree, to sit with the flowers, to connect to the plant/flower that came your way. To open up to any of our energies - presence is much stronger the next day and a half night, the rest of the night, the next day, into the night.
So make a commitment now - to go into your dream time to go forward this evening with an open heart, to quiet observation, a deep awareness, and a knowing that you are loved, that we are with you.
I am Raziel. Blessings to all.

Melissa Halsey

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