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Astrology of the NEW MOON January 2017

New Moon

January 2017
by: Sonja Elison

2017’s first new moon is in Aquarius. Aquarius is of course the sign of the future, of the visionary, and of progress. Here is a new start for humanity, and the New Moon by shining its light on the 6th house, asks us to be confident and determined in our daily actions which we take for the good of the collective. The phrase, “random acts of kindness” comes to mind, for we are asked to work for humanity’s good, on a daily basis. What we need to guard against is getting wrapped up in worries about our own little worlds. Ironically, the Aquarius New Moon is in the 6th house. Aquarius, the sign of grand schemes , global vision, and expansive world views, is cramped into the house of details of everyday life. So the creation of our future, of progress, begins with attention to the details of our everyday lives, and with modest, selfless service. It is a blending of the grand and the small.

The new beginning and the call to create new possibilities, then, highlights the need for us to serve humanity, but shines a light on the qualities of Aquarius. The Aquarian acts instinctively in a collective way, knowing that connections between us all is the route to progress. Moving forward depends on crating friendships and discussing ideas. Knowing the good depends on knowing and loving all of humanity. The paradox of Aquarius is that it is about individuality and being oneself, but also about everything that is beyond the Self. The challenge is understanding that being one’s self, accepting our own individuality, results in accepting every one else. If you are “different” and you don’t want to be criticized, but want the freedom to be yourself, how can you fail to treat others the same way? Acceptance of our own weirdness and uniqueness, and love of that individuality allows love of others.

There is a great deal of tension in this new moon. A Jupiter/Uranus opposition suggests more discussion about wealth, inequality and more arguments. Legal and ethical problems will be center stage as well A Saturn/Venus opposition with the New Moon right in the middle indicates loss of relationships or money, of things we desire. Discontent and trouble is shown at home, resulting in conflicts in relationships and losses of jobs and money. The way to alleviate this tension is to create a culture of nurturing, of caring for others, The chart shows that determination and responsibility will be required to start creating our new, better world, to overcome the divisiveness and separation between us, in order to move the consciousness of our collective unity.

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I am the Mother of compassion; you are transforming old fears now. Trust in your connection to me.