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I can see the transformational process from working with Melissa Halsey when I reflect on the person I am today versus the person I was when I met Melissa 20 years ago. I was in search of so many things and while the process of sorting through my fears and emotions was honestly beyond frustrating at times, it was immensely rewarding. I will always be a work in process, but I have realized a happiness and stability in who I am that I did not think was possible. I have learned to have a daily practice that grounds me, learned discernment on so many levels, how to quiet the noise in my mind and to manifest true heart’s desire rather than the pictures of what I thought I wanted. I know that I was blessed to find Melissa while on my path and I highly recommend her to anyone searching for meaning.

Charlene C, NY

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RE-MIND yourself that you are so much more than your MIND.