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Vibrational Essence Sprays

Find WisdomWord Vibrational Essence sprays now at FLWR Napa Valley.


“If nothing ever changed there’d be no butterflies”

Growth is an ever constant expansion which brings change. During a recent meditation, Spirit suggested that it was time to let go of making and shipping the Vibrational Essences Sprays. Spirit recommended that I pass my formulas to Jessica Mennella. I feel confident that Jessica will create the sprays with as much love and intention as I did.

Jessica is a friend of many years, has received the WisdomWord teachings, participated in the Master’s Program and is part of WisdomWord’s inner circle. She is a natural perfumer, flower essence practitioner, product obsessed creative, and the owner of the perfume and vibrational remedy company, FLWR Napa Valley. Jessica uses her connection to flowers to create products that speak the message of the flowers through scent and vibration. Her earliest memory of working with flowers is when she was three and would pick flowers for her mom to bring her joy and happiness.

Using organic materials and blessed full moon water, Jessica will use the same formula from Spirit that I used to create the essence sprays. You can read about the sprays and purchase them here:

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