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WisdomWord is offering our seventh series of 10 weekly EMPOWERMENT TEACHINGS to nurture, nourish and support you on your personal journey to enlightenment. This Empowerment Teaching series will be on Self Care.

In our busy fast paced world Self Care can often be put on the back burner. Every day stresses and pressures from our jobs, school, relationships and the responsibilities of daily life take a toll on our health and peace of mind.  When we are in the stressed exhausted state we often reach for ‘quick fixes’, pacifying ourselves with over eating, alcohol, drugs – numbing our feelings of lack and emptiness by filling ourselves with ‘non-nourishing’ foods, social media, TV, which lack supportive nutrients or content.

To build a positive foundation for Self Care we must look at our beliefs about ourselves and what we deserve.  Melissa will help you delve into your basic beliefs about yourself, helping you plant the seeds of love and acceptance of every part of your being.  She will share guidance on how to release deeply rooted beliefs that undermine your peace and power every day. Beliefs such as “I am not good enough”,  “I don’t deserve love, abundance, joy” and so on.

Once you have pulled the “weeds” and planted the “seeds” you can implement your own plan of loving self-care with guidance and support to nurture and nourish your Garden.


Human consciousness is changing and you are a part of this change; your conscious work on this path now helps to accelerate your growth and the growth of all beings on the planet. At the same time, you are human experiencing an everyday journey with responsibilities, growth and all the minutia life brings to the table. Striking a balance between these two parts of self will cause discomfort at times; spiritual growth is a key element in balancing this every day journey and the only guarantee we have that tomorrow will be better for us and for the world.


The EMPOWERMENT TEACHINGS provide information from Spirit on the ongoing Ascension process accelerating spiritual growth individually, and collectively. Each call in the series is a building block that creates a center within your self for daily empowerment. The hour teaching will include a teaching on the rapidly occurring energetic shifts, breathing techniques, and the energy of the week available for support. The energy built each week helps to create a spiritual community that supports you on your personal journey and reminds you that you are not alone. We encourage you to ask questions and comment on WisdomWord’s Facebook page.

You will receive:  10 weekly digitally recorded 1 hour teachings. On registration, you will receive information on how to access the live call and the recordings. Each session will be recorded live on Sunday mornings from 10:00am to 11:00am Eastern (7:00am to 8:00am Pacific).

Please REGISTER below.

I am the Mother of compassion you are transforming old fears now. Trust in your connection to me.

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