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The Sunday Call has been invaluable to me for years. It is my external, weekly check-in with Spirit, providing perspective on the bigger picture which always correlates with and informs my individual life. It always seems like the messages in the Sunday call… whether through Melissa teachings and/or the animal totems, are exactly what I needed to hear in the moment. And I have found that the act of coming together in a circle of conscious beings supports me through the week.

Melissa M, CA

Want to express my appreciation for the new moon teleconference Wednesday…it was a real energizer….Also I love the I AM prayer which I have been saying out loud for several weeks now. It is powerful and beautiful. Thank You!!

Gary W, TN

Dear Melissa,
Want to share the miracle of the invocation.
I’ve been experiencing deep emotion, and mostly deep fear.
To the point of being afraid to go out, ride the subway…terrifying
I have practiced every morning and night since the call, but today, I repeated the Invocation over and over, and the third stanza really spoke to me, I said real slow and I got that, I am that I am and I am not deceived by illusions created by fear. At that moment the fear was gone, I could face people, ride the subway! What I really get is the vibrational state change I experienced, leading to who I am and its why I am doing this…4th stanza. Also spending time in the garden! Love and light! Thank you Melissa

Kerry K, Brooklyn

The full moon call was wonderful.  I am still a glow. Thank you for bringing us all together last night. It was very transformative for me and brought back many cherished memories of our fire walk.

Carol J, CA

Melissa’s full moon channelings always provide greater insight on the universal and environmental energies affecting whatever I’m feeling or experiencing, and what to expect moving forward so that I can better leverage or ride through the transition. While I’m not always as mindful as I should be, there are still those “ah ha” moments!

Laura B, NY

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