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I love these sprays…pure magic in a bottle!

Rachel H, NY

A great meditation tool, calming and soothing. I use it as often as I can

Stephen B, NY

WOW! These sprays are amazing! I started working with them and I was amazed how immediately centered I felt each time I used them.  Whether at work, in crowds or wherever I start to feel the pull of others, I use these sprays and come right back to my center.  I think these sprays are a true aid for anyone trying to stabilize in our ever-changing world. Thank You.

Jim W, NY

I swear by all her sprays and custom blends and likely have at least 6-7 on my shelf.  I use them daily as I leave and regularly mix them.  They are fundamental to many parts of my day- during a meditation, yoga class or as my fragrance as I head into a busy day or important business meeting.  They are my signature fragrance that is always a little different.  I feel protected, strengthened and renewed by this subtle yet profound daily ritual.  They are a critical “packed” item any time I travel and my friends and fellow yogis love when I share them!

Allison C, CA

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