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“I was first introduced to Melissa and WisdomWord events when I lived in NYC in 2002. Typically, anything that Melissa leads is a call or an event that I want to participate in. Her guidance, teachings and advocacy have a significant influence on my daily efforts to navigate this game of life. I use all of her homemade sprays on a daily basis and often become my custom mystery scent. Her annual Invocation (based on meditations in early January) is a daily practice. I participate and commit to her 10 week Sunday morning series and benefit from the global group. Her monthly Full Moon channelings are always enlightening and I return to these downloads throughout the month and year. Her free Chakra Attunement morning calls have been a critical tool during these ‘home shelter’ days. Lastly, I typically do a one-on-one session with her on an annual basis. I have a mighty tool kit courtesy of Melissa that keeps me in a balanced conscious state!”

Alli, CA

“Melissa’s leadership and generosity to initiate a morning Chakra Attunement call (Mon-Sat) in recent weeks is a significant contribution to many locally and globally! Her wisdom makes a difference to lower anxiety and influence our daily choices! She is a profound teacher and leaves us with practical practices that we can conduct on our own.”

~Alli, California

“Thank you for these morning calls. They make me feel amazing all day! I really appreciate it!”

LG, California

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