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Spiritual GuidanceMelissa’s publication of A Year of Spiritual Guidance: Activating Growth, Healing, Enlightenment & Awakening, a collection of the transmissions Melissa received during the WisdomWord Full Moon Channeling Circles in 2021, is available now! Purchase the book on Amazon HERE.

These transmissions are beneficial to read any time for inspiration, support, and consciousness raising. In this book, you will find messages and spiritual guidance from Quan Yin, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters that you need for your Healing, Enlightenment and Awakening. “I have known Melissa for 25 years, and she has consistently demonstrated a unique gift for connecting to comforting and healing messages from great Beings watching over all of us struggling earthlings. Her ability and generosity in channeling Divine energies of wisdom, love and compassion are a treasure for all of us.”

~ Eliezer Sobel, author of Dark Light of the Soul: Encounters with Gabrielle Roth

What people are saying about the book:

5.0 out of 5 stars. Gem of a Book.
Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2022

If you are seeking guidance on your spiritual journey, read this book. Melissa Halsey has compiled a year’s worth of divine, uplifting counsel for those of us wanting to be more fully present and have a deeper connection to love and light. It sits on my night table and is the last thing I read before switching off the lamp. Taking a deep breath, I open to any chapter, read–and it is the perfect ending to my day.  MFB, FLA

Divine guidance in uncertain times.
Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2022

A fantastic book to keep by your side as things continue to speed up and challenge. Great to open up to a page and just read what comes up, or to focus on a full section! Love it.  JL, CA
Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2022

I can’t say enough about how deeply insightful this book is. Whether reading a chapter or dialing in to a section for spiritual guidance, I find something new almost every time. I’m also grateful that the author offers follow-on access to the original recordings.  SSR, VA

Free Gift!

Free gift! The January 2021 recording of the Full Moon Circle Channeling call is available for free here. An immediate download will be available after you go through the checkout.

Companion Recordings

A great companion to Melissa’s book, the complete set of all 12 months of Full Moon Circle Channeling calls is available for purchase here. Be sure to check the inside of the book’s front cover for the coupon code to enter at checkout!


A note about reviews…please wait until you have received your copy of the book before writing a review! We understand that Amazon will not publish reviews if they can tell you are writing the review before you received the book, or if you say you are a friend. Thank you for your support! “Love this beautiful book, it sits by my meditation chair and guides me as the cards do each and every day with spiritual guidance”

~ Michelle Skaff, Life Architect


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