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Communicating from the Heart – Live Power Circle – Sonoma, Ca, Sunday, March 1st

Making more open space in the heart requires cleaning out, letting go. During the afternoon we will look at the clutter that we are carrying, in our hearts, minds bodies and even in our living spaces. With the help of Grace and Flo we examine and release those root hurts or issues that cause us to contract and hold tightly to the clutter that no longer serves us.

New 10 week empowerment series – Meditation + Breathing = Balanced Awareness – March 1st to May 10th

WisdomWord's Empowerment Teachings enable you to navigate these changing times with greater insight into what will bring peace and happiness to your life and to your world. When you join the program you receive digital recordings, weekly that bring clarity to situations in your life and world, You also join a circle of like-hearted beings and tap into the powerful Spiritual energy that becomes more available when 3 or more are gathered in the light. * Eligible for Masters Class Discount

Full Moon Circle

These Full Moon Circles are extremely powerful and grounding as the energy has building in the last 17 years since we made the commitment to gather on the full moon.


Melissa is a spiritual teacher and clairvoyant with over 28 years of experience.
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Your past is calling to be cleared now. Let go and know the Angles are with you.