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A Year of Spiritual Guidance available now

Welcome to Wisdom Word

Melissa’s new book,  A Year of Spiritual Guidance: Activating Growth, Healing, Enlightenment & Awakening, a collection of the transmissions Melissa received during the WisdomWord Full Moon Channeling Circles in 2021, is available now!

The Wisdom Word website is an offering of collected work in a form that provides tools and guidance to bring awareness and to help you navigate challenging times. Melissa has created specific practice tools that can be used daily or in times of need to ground and strengthen your spiritual connection. See our Services page for more information. Book one of her session offerings here.

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A Year of Spiritual Guidance available now

NEW Empowerment Teaching Series • 4/10/22 thru 6/12/22: Inner Peace = World Peace

A 10 week teleconference series to nurture, nourish and support you on your personal journey to enlightenment. Join Melissa for these live classes to maintain and strengthen your practice with the loving awareness that you are in training to be the best and highest version of yourself.
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FULL MOON CIRCLE • Next Full Moon Teleconference: Sunday May 15th, 2022

NEXT FULL MOON CHANNELING IS Sunday May 15th, 2022, This is an intense full moon highlighted by a full Lunar Eclipse. Given that, this lunation will shape the next 3–6 months of our lives, in tandem with the previous Solar Eclipse, know that a long-term transformation is underway, and it will have profound ramifications. The Full Flower Moon of May is in Scorpio opposing the sun in Taurus.
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Melissa’s New Book is filled with powerful messages from The Ascended Masters and Archangels

Melissa's new book A Year of Spiritual Guidance: Activating Growth, Healing, Enlightenment & Awakening, is available now on Amazon!
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Reduce stress and bring clarity! Melissa offers monthly full moon teleconference channeling & transmission, spiritual workshops, guest speaker engagements, teleconference calls & live chakra attunement sessions, empowerment teachings, individual spiritual counseling, energy & channel sessions, and enlightened community events online and in person. Learn more on our Services page. Click here to browse available recordings, register for group calls and classes, book individual sessions with Melissa, and discover helpful tools and items.

“A talented guide in many ways, Melissa is especially adept at recognizing and naming patterns in relationships.  She reads dynamics between people incredibly astutely and has helped me gain clarity about coworkers, family, friends, and others.  A session with Melissa has always been a confusion buster!”

Lori N, CA

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Feel, Deal & Heal – facing your pain with love brings healing to you now. You are not alone; the Angels are with you.