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Wisdom Workshops and Compassionate Counseling

Melissa Halsey in Zurich

Melissa Halsey in Zurich

Clairvoyant Melissa Halsey Channels Quan Yin

WisdomWord is a compilation of insights and guidance stemming from the work of Melissa Halsey. Melissa is a spiritual teacher and clairvoyant with over 28 years of experience guiding thousands of people to recall their spiritual essence, better understand their physical reality and integrate this knowing into their daily lives.

Melissa offers spiritual counseling, energy sessions, channeled evenings & teleconference calls, wisdom teachings and an enlightened community.

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  • “It’s not the Form It’s how you meet it”

    A while back, a couple of years at least, Quan Yin gave me the words “It’s not the form its how you meet it” I pondered on it for a while and began to have a deeper understanding of my responses/reactions to events in my life. Even simple events, like…

  • Grouse: energy of the week supported by Raccoon 10/26/14

    Grouse   Grouse once flocked in abundance throughout North America, but now, even on the plains where these birds were so plentiful, there is an absence of them. Many Plains Indian tribes dance the Grouse Dance to honor these birds. The movement of the dance follows a spiral, which is…

  • Whale; energy of the week – Grouse; support week of 10/5/14

    Whale   Whale is very much like a swimming library. Whale carries the history of Mother Earth and is said to have been placed here by the Ancients from the Dog Star, Sirius.   Biologists say that Whale is a mammal, and very possibly lived on land millions of years…