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Melissa F. Halsey is a spiritual teacher and clairvoyant. For more than twenty years her wisdom teachings have helped hundreds of people recall their spiritual essence, better understand their physical reality and integrate this knowing into their daily lives. Melissa is also the founder of Me, Myself & I Am Productions a company dedicated to the spiritual realization of humanity.

Monday Morning - quote for the day


Hi All, WisdomWord is declaring the month of May "Mindfulness May"
lets get ready and turn our minds towards a peace full mind :
today's thought comes from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.

“By focusing the mind and feeling the heart, we increase our ability to connect with goodness. So we take a moment to gather our senses into our heart and feel what it means to be worthy. That ignites confidence, the spark of awakened energy. Our life is illuminated by this healthy glow.”

Rabbit and Fox


Hi All, We have ended our winter Sunday Call Series on the 9th of February, ( this past Sunday). In keeping with the times, these 10 weeks have flown by.
Our next series will start Sunday, March 2nd, so we will be missing the next two weeks. That makes the Fox and the Rabbit as support, our animal totems for these three weeks. You might want to take a look at the totem animals and read about Fox and Rabbit, see how you might apply their wisdom to your lives.
You can register for the new Sunday Call Series on by clicking on the teleconference page! Also don't forget that we have a full moon call this week on Thursday the 13th. This months' full moon is in Leo.
Blessings of the day
Team WisdomWord

Is time really flying?


Is time really flying? Or have we changed and thus our perception of time is changing? When you are consciously aware, you are Fully Present in the Moment. The past and the future slip away...and you strengthen your center. Being Fully Present in Each moment and releasing the past and future changes your concept of time.
When we become mindful, we watch.....watch without judging. we become peaceful and alert. We watch our thoughts, remembering that we are not our thoughts, we slip out of time and live more fully.....
We school our mind to pay attention, to be mindful we begin to notice. We see with a greater clarity... We are fully present and not off somewhere else in our minds. . we are mentally present and aware of what we are doing at that moment. If are sweeping the floor we are 100% present and consciously aware of of the broom moving across the surface, we are alert to our surroundings and our reactions to them. We are not mentally distracted by something else. Conscious awareness involves the mind and being alert, being aware of what we are doing or thinking or seeing in the present moment.
Take a few deep breaths, become alert, mindful and see what happens to time :)

Full Moon Channeling November 2013

Full Moon November 17, 2013

Feel the resonant notes deep within your being, responding to the vibration, moving up and down. The chord, it connects you to your earth body, your subtle bodies and your spirit self. Drawing the breath in, continuing to breathe, building the vibration within that chord – breathing back and forth and feeling that golden chord that connects you to spirit, the silver chord that connects you to all other beings, feeling your soul chord and all your vibrations moving into harmony together as you continue to breathe.

Continuing to breathe and drawing it into the body, I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. Continuing to breathe, feel the flame building in the belly and begin to pull it up into the third chakra, the power chakra, balancing and basking in the warmth of the Violet Flame. Within this power chakra you are shattering your perceptions of power on this planet. You are helping the shattering taking place, each one of you that comes into acknowledging the self as whole, as powerful – in stillness and vulnerability, rewiring the concepts of the mind and understanding that power does not come from measurements of worldly success. Yet those threads and patterns are so deeply wound into the survival system of the human being, that it is necessary for spirits to come into form as yourselves and in this form to master these struggles, to master this duality, to master the illusions of the physical plane, to understand matter as a creative force and a gift to be enjoyed. The more that your open hearts dance, sing and play, the more that you create, the more that you stand in the world naked under the moon, the more you stand being yourselves, the more that you express the creative force within you, the more you change the vibratory pattern on the planet. So you shatter this belief system, this pattern, you shatter this shell around the atmosphere of the planet. It is fibrous and it is very, very fine, yet it is something that you could hit your head on and knock yourself unconscious. Think of this – the earth encased in an illusionary pattern that tells you who to be, what to fear, that you should fear, that you are not whole, that you are broken, that you are fractured. And this is vibratory. As you begin to believe in yourself and pass through these struggles, melting them into wholeness within your being through acceptance and through being, you change the vibratory pattern on the earth. And you are part of the great rebirth.

We speak often of rebirth, of rebirthing, of your own rebirth, your shift, your change. We speak now honoring you for your willingness to materialize semi-conscious. We use this term “semi-conscious” for you understand that the awakened one, the one coming into consciousness, is you. Yet you had to come into consciousness partially awake, so particularly in the young ones, in the children, there was much confusion as you came with awakened souls with some memories lingering in the dream body, in the shadow body, in the creative body, in the soul body – some dreams lingering, like fragrances in a room – those fragrances drawing you back. And so imagine the delicate fragrance of a flower being overwhelmed by the chemical fragrance of a perfume that was created from synthetic substances. That delicate fragrance gets overwhelmed. It lingers in the senses and draws you back to seeking it, draws individuals into trying to recreate it. Yet there is no painting, no sculpture, no jeweled carving, no metal work of a rose that can be any more amazing that the individual rose that can be grown itself, organically. So you are spirits that are coming into pureness and wholeness and you hear the words “seek the quiet, seek the inner, be still” and you struggle against this as if that was a bond keeping you from movement. True movement is in stillness. True movement is found in the stillness, and so that is a concept that the mind will not always understand. [12:10] Yet your hearts, each and every one of you here, understands it. It is in the stillness that you have had the blossoming, the epiphanies, the joy, inspirations, the inspirations for your creations.

Continue to vibrate at that level, being inspired by the inner creations and letting yourself balance in the world. You are learning to balance in this 3rd dimensional world that is falling apart. You are learning to move through the shattering without being hit by the debris. You are learning to allow them to pass through you by becoming transparent. You are learning to allow them to avoid you by becoming a vibration that has no need to encounter them. The stillness that you create in your being enhances the vibration of soul. It is in stillness that the chimes of soul, that the tones of soul begin to resonate and they are resonating quite beautifully on your planet. You know from understanding the canine’s frequency of hearing at a different frequency from a human ear - perhaps that gives you an idea of the frequency of the soul vibration, the tones, the sounds, and the beings as you become joyful on your earth.. these tones, sounds, they change the atmosphere on the earth and they gently dissolve the barriers. The barriers that are shattering will not completely dissolve gently, for there is dischord on your earth and there is imbalance in the 3rd dimension and the 4th dimension. So that imbalance will cause a shattering, so at times, that which is shattered will be drawn towards those who struggle and who move forward with the heavier vibrations in the heart.

So we speak to you about lightening your heart. We speak to you and tell you the way to lighten your heart is to fall into the depths of its pain. And each and every one of you will experience more and more this desire to cry, this heaviness in the chest, these strange emotional energies that pass through. Many of you have found yourselves just dropping down, dropping your shoulders and feeling the tears fall in the recent days. This is part of the shattering vibration that is opening the hearts to a greater degree. Do not think that we do not know that your hearts have been open, yet you open even greater. The heart has an unlimited capacity to open and thus far it has not been experienced as it will be in the New Age - and you are in the New Age, the Golden Age.

And I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. I have come to usher in this age, during this time. I have come to rally you, to resonate with you and support you in this time. I have brought humor. I have brought gifts. I have brought the Violet Flame of Transmutation and I help bring the light of understanding as you help reflect it on the earth, I help bring the light of understanding to all ignorance, shining the brightness on self-transformation. So you transform and so you will find more and more opportunities to transform yourselves and to help others who are transforming around you. Keep your eyes awake and clear. Keep your soul conscious. Let yourself hear the vibration. Fall back on the earth. Fall back into the sand. When you were a child or sometimes in your workshop experiences, you practiced letting go, and simply falling back, trusting that some stranger who is in the circle or group will catch you. We ask you to sit on the earth and practice falling back. Find a pile of soft leaves or sand and let yourself just flow back into the earth. Start from a seated position for you are not ready yet in your body for you to believe that you can fall and be embraced by the earth itself.

So dear ones, this is a different type of fall that you are experiencing. This is the completion of the circle. You came as male/female. You came to be experiencing whole together. You came to fall from the grace and you have fallen from the grace and yet now I say this to you heart-to-heart and face-to-face that this is a time of unparalleled flow of grace. You are in a state of grace. We have indicated several times today to the channel over and over that there is grace around her and that she is grace, and each time, she laughed that the word would appear in so many different times in so many different shapes and each time she surrendered or began to accept the grace. You have parts in the self that simply do not accept the grace. We ask you tonight to open the heart to the grace, to open the palms of the hands and have the palms of the hands sheltered around the heart chakra, so the fingers are pointing outwards and the inner wrist is somewhere near the heart chakra. You can shape it any way you like, shaping it with a curve, imagining that your heart is a great chalice, imagining that your heart is the grail, the holy grail and receiving the grace, filling your cup and flowing over, for the whole, entire human race. And drawing the breath in, I am St. Germain. Acknowledge that in the name of the Violet Flame. Call your heart to filled with grace. Call it – 9 tones for your soul and your heart. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. [ 9 tones ]

The state of grace is established in your hearts. The state of grace is established on this planet. You are grace. You flow with grace of joy, peace and happiness. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. I am St. Germain. Remember to reflect that grace. Go to the waters. Go to the falls. Go to the springs. Go to the oceans. Go to the rivers. Go to the brooks. Go to the ponds. Go to the puddles. Go to the raindrops. Go to the waters pouring from your faucets and your showers, and reflect that grace back into the water. Infect the water with grace, with love, opening to it, remembering every time you pour water in the next several days, to stop and bless it - to remember the outpouring of grace that you received into your hearts, to remember that grace is reflected all around you. The greater concentration of those who remember, the greater concentration of those who come together in circles and love and laugh, the greater concentration continues to change and reform the structure of the earth, the belief systems around the earth, the cells within the bodies, and this is part of the great transformation, the great change.

I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. Begin to breathe in through the nose and imagine drawing the Ruby-Lavender Vibration into the body. The Violet Ray into the right nostril and the Ruby/Rose ray into the left, pulling them in together and feeling them meet in the throat and the heart, focusing particularly on the throat as your wills are undergoing quite the change. So many of you will feel the bodies, especially the throats being irritated, up and coming or in the past several weeks. I am St. Germain. The Ruby Ray, the Rose Ray in the left, the Violet Ray, the Amethyst Ray in the right – pull them in together and twine them in your heart. Place the right hand on the belly and focus on seeing the Ruby Violet Ray growing in your heart. The ruby color with the violet color – the Rose Ray mingling with the Violet and feeling the energy vibration of unconditional love moving through the heart and the throat. I am St. Germain. You may tone 5 times while you concentrate on visualizing this and making it real for you. [5 tones]

Anointed ones, you are blessed. You have your irritations between your brothers and your sisters. You have your sibling rivalries and your issues. You have come to bring balance to these issues. They are but small in the great passage and in the undergoing of the change that goes on within your being, and yet they will surface – the push/pulls of family. You will particularly and have been feeling the family pulls, feeling the differences and finding the impatience within yourself with those in the family that still represent the past. Allow them to be and look on them with love. All beings have a place in the great fabric of change and transformation and many have agreed to take the place in the foundation part of the weaving, of the tapestry. Those in the foundation will often appear dense to those of you who are moving in the higher levels and dragging vibrations and frequencies – imagine these frequencies as so many lighted threads back and forth throughout the tapestry to create the great forms, to create the mandalas, to create the symbols of change. And so you become those same symbols that you weave into the fabric.

There are those who have agreed to be the foundation so they seem sedentary, closed-minded, closed-hearted – and yet they have a place in the tapestry of change and transformation as well. This is something that the mind does not fully comprehend, because of the attachments of the heart, because of the attachments of the emotions, because of the attachments of the way it should be, you often find yourself tripping and in disharmony with those who hold the polar opposite of where you wish to be. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. Trust in the grand picture and continue to do your part. Weave your thread and vibration in the tapestry. Be the light that you are. Remember the child’s story of Peter Pan and watching Peter Pan’s fairy friend flying around as light and buzzing hither and there. You are often moving that freely and taking great flight to open up spaces in the ethers, spaces in the tapestry for more colors and threads to come and be woven. We give you these visuals as the energy moves through your hearts, as the energy moves through your nervous systems, as the energy moves through the veins in the body and all of the structures in the body. You are changing, transforming. We are with you. We are here in the circle with you tonight. We are embracing you. Allow your physical bodies to feel our touch, in this space, this circle, in this vibratory field that you hold together, that you have woven this evening. You have the opportunity to feel the touch of spirit, to feel grace. Embrace the grace. Draw it within your being. Trust – and open the heart.

I am St. Germain, Master of the Violet Flame. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet flame. Guard your body. Guard your soul. Guard your heart. Bring the vibration of the Violet Flame in. Breathe it in – the right side – Violet, the left – the Ruby ray – the male and the female intertwining and creating a great new softness today. [27:08] Release the sound from the sound with an “ahhh”. Drop the jaw and release the tension in the neck, in the body, in the vertebrae, in the shoulders. “ahhhhh”

I am St. Germain, embracing you, looking at the grace that you hold in the chalice of your transformation, looking at the light that you are on the earth. The illusion that you begin to move through in the next several months on your planet – so this will take you to the end of your 2013 to the beginning of 2014 – is disappointment, depression, disillusionment. Allow yourself to hold the vibration within. There will be continued chaos on the planet. The chaos will reflect back, the sorrow will reflect back the depth, the shadows that is coming up in all relationships, in all families, in all institutions, in all nations. This is coming up and moving through. The challenge is not to get caught into the waves of depression. It is like being in the water and swimming through the water feeling the lightness of your body and then feeling your feet being caught in filaments or dragged down by weeds or entanglements.

An open heart does not have the space for entanglements. An open heart shining with the Violet Flame, the Ruby Violet Ray, with the Violet Flame, the vibration of unconditional love and transformation – this open heart does not have the space for entanglement. So you will find yourself being different with those in your life you have been entangled with. Some of these entanglements are karmic patterns from the past - some between families, lovers, friends and individuals that have interactions with each other. [29:48] At times you will need to pull away. Do not fret in your mind that this is an ending, simply recognize that your vibration is yoyo-ing from the very highest possible source down to the earth often sinking further into the earth. So you may be experiencing high-highs and low-lows, the danger is not recognizing that there is a rhythm to these experiences and not staying centered with the movement, seeing it as movement without making the high-high better than the low-low or the low-low worse so that you become entangled.

As you breathe and as you come together in circles and as you shake yourself occasionally, reminding yourself that you are awake and you are continuing to be awake, dropping these old illusions, you will feel the burst of grace in your heart. You will feel the joy. You have to simply be open to receiving the grace which is why we speak to you so much of grace this evening. You simply must be open to receive it, for in the dual world, the shadow hangs, and you feel the shadow as well. You feel the separation as different human beings that you have known and have had engagements with, entanglements with, connections with in the past, may be choosing different places to vibrate. In the process of their ups and downs, it is like musical chimes – different notes on different days and you will not always feel in alignment with the notes of those around you, unless the heart is open, unless you accept them with joy, wherever your perceive them, unless you learn to step back from the filters of your emotions and your fear based thought forms. So you are learning that through the breath. Take a deep breath now. Let the sound of the heart release from your body and let the body relax with that tone and with that sound. Let the tension fall out of the chest and the thighs, the back, the ears and the forehead. I am St. Germain. You are my children, my brothers, my sisters. You are my reflection. I remain. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. [33:08]

I have joy in my connection with you and wish you joy in your connection with me. I am St. Germain, spreading that joy from your connection with spirit to one another. Know in your heart as you breathe now. You have grieved from the soul down to the ethers and the core of the earth. Now breathe sideways. Imagine the breath expanding the heart from the right to the left. Imagine the breath extending arms from the heart. As you see the heart grow in the human fetus, you see a time when it looks like wings around the heart, that gradually extend to the arms. Those wings are the arms that can help you embrace heart-to heart with another, that can help you breathe with another, without feelings of repulsion, without feelings of sexuality, simply with feelings of openness and glow. Practice hugging from the heart and being open to those you know, and you will be able to transform the differences in the vibratory patterns or paths that they still may be moving in. Yes indeed, you are ascending. Yes, indeed, your vibration is increasingly moving to higher forms. This also can create the headaches and the part that wants to withdraw at times. [34:01] We ask you to follow your knowing and your heart and to withdraw at times – withdraw to the trees, withdraw to the ground, withdraw to the earth, to the waters, withdraw to the core of the earth herself – particularly the wood element, the air element, the water element and the earth element are very powerful for you in your transformational process. Use these. Breathe in. Feel yourself connected to the earth. If you are not sitting on the earth at this time, then visualize yourself sitting on the earth. Feel the earth under your rear end. Feel the earth connecting to your tailbone. See the earth in her most beautiful form. See the earth the way that you choose to see it – in a garden, on a rock, at the edge of a cliff, on a tree, on the ground leaning into a tree. Just visualize the earth, feel the roughness of the bark, the softness of the moss. Feel the smoothness of the stone, the coolness of the surface of the earth. Smell the dirt. Feel the grains of sand, feel yourselves on the earth and draw the breath into the body. These visualizations are important. Do not dismiss them. Breathe them in and think them. Imagine them. Create them on your earth. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame.

I am St. Germain, bringer of the Gifts - the Robe, the Violet Cape, the Violet Flame of Transformation, the Violet Net to catch your dreams, the Rose Violet Ray to bring you into perfect balance today. The resonance of the Rose Violet Ray, the Ruby Violet Ray, the Violet Red Ray, the Violet Rose Ray – whatever you choose to call it – the Ruby Lavender Ray – the energy vibration of this ray, is the softness of the completed human being. And so when you transformed into what you are now, transforming into what you will be, you shifted in your consciousness. Your bodies changed. The physiologies and the chemistries of the bodies change. So your bodies change now – through viruses, through patterns – the bodies begin to change. Do not despair if you are bitten by the bug. Allow it to transform within your being. The insects are teaching the race, your race, the more mammalian race, something new, and so you are in the process of transforming the blood. There is a lot of magic in the blood, a lot of energy in the blood. Breathing into the blood and being aware of the blood running through your body is very powerful. Drawing the breath in and feel the vibration within your veins. I am St. Germain. [37:18]

Placing the left hand on the belly and the right on the heart, connect to the Violet Flame, the Ruby Violet Ray in the heart, the Violet Flame sitting in the belly, creating and pushing the flames up through the power chakra, the 3rd chakra. Be with that energy for a few moments. Be with the energy and you tone. Tone whatever you need to tone. Tone how you need to tone. Make the sound of your heart and your soul. Connect. Connect. Connect. I am St. Germain. [38:00]

Before you lay your body down to sleep this evening, place the hands back on the belly and the heart and call on me times 3, St. Germain, St. Germain of the Violet Flame, St. Germain of the Violet Flame, St. Germain of the Violet Flame. St. Germain of the Violet Ruby Ray, St. Germain of the Violet Ruby Ray, St. Germain of the Violet Ruby Ray. Connect the belly and the heart. Then begin to tone again after you have called my name and vibration. Allow yourself to fall asleep, to relax into your bed this evening, to prepare yourself for your dreamtime, calling my name and toning the energy of the Violet Ruby Flame through the body as you approach the dreamtime. I will be with you and in your dreams. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. 39:42

Stay alert. Stay in your body. Stay with your being and yourself as you breathe, opening yourself to the higher dimension. Be with the 3rd dimension and yourself in the 3rd dimension. Be with the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Be with each other in the ethers and the physical.

I am Mother Mary. I am Mother Mary, speaking from the grotto. I speak from the grotto, from the garden. I resonate through the rocks of the earth and the caves. I am Mother Mary, speaking to you my children. You have seen me in human incarnation suffering for the child, for the son. You have seen me suffering for those who have suffered on the earth. You have experienced the suffering of the mother within all of your beings, even those of in the male form at this time have been at some time or another in the female form experiencing the suffering of the mother, experiencing the loss of the child. Oftentimes, particularly in the male form, there is a pushing away of your own inner child or children because of that very suffering and your confusion in identifying with mothering. You are transforming that, many of you who are embodied here in male form now in this circle this evening. You are part of the transformation of that and many of you who are in female form who have partners not present this evening in the circle have also watched their struggle in embracing and accepting the mother self. Those of you who have male siblings or partners or friends or parents who are annoying you at this time, recognize that there is a vibration going through the male system at this time. There is a vibration of the deep sorrow of the mother. So even those male bodies who hold the vibration of joy and have the open hearts are feeling the sorrow and wondering about it.

Males – being with your belly, laying on the earth with the feet flat on the ground and the legs in the position as a woman giving birth, the knees bent right – right hand on the belly and going into your own sorrow - left on the heart – you can begin to release that sorrow. The female body has had the ability through the pain of childbirth to release a level of sorrow, thus clearing them and opening them to the chimes of the new vibrations of ascension. Many of the males who are waking up and holding the higher vibratory energies now are feeling an extreme sorrow and will react to it in different ways. Some will simply move away from their own sorrows trying to ignore it, or release it in activities or partying or laughter or humor. Be patient. It’s a process of the transformation. So we ask you to be patient. The male in particular, especially coming up to the winter solstice, will have the opportunity to release a great deal of mother pain. So it may be around the mother or the women in their lives, in their relationship with the mother, or children or daughters or reflections of this. So the father/mother selves are beginning to merge more fully and those conscious beings in male gender bodies are in the process of releasing some of the pain of the earth to open a greater connection between the male/female vibrations. So take a moment to honor these souls. So take a moment to think of and visualize both male and female – the males in your life, particularly the ones who have irritated you in the near recent time and the near future coming up – and take a moment to see them and take a moment to bless them and take a moment to see them in a light of transformation and a light of change.

I am Mother Mary, speaking to you of the vibration of the mother, holding you in my arms, releasing the pain of earth. You each in your process of rebirth release the pain of the mother earth. It is important for you to find the higher vibratory visions and to hold them during the rattling times that will come. As was said earlier by the ascended master St. Germain, you will have ending in 2013 and beginning in 2014, more visual painful expressions around you. There will also be the expression of miracles and the expression of joy. But that will be diminished in the wailing and the weeping of pain, in the attachment to pain and those who make the noise. Diminished not in reality, but diminished in the 5 senses’ ability to perceive them. Those of you who are developing your inner being and your higher senses, your extra senses, will perceive the miracles. You will be the beacons and the vehicles that shine those miracles out on the earth with your wonderment, with your sharing of energy, with your willingness to embrace those around you who seem ignorant or dense or impossibly stubborn.

We are the energy vibrations of Mary. We have incarnated in many ways in many times. We have held the vibration of the mother – the mother’s suffering and the mother’s joy. Now we ask you to take both and transform them in your beings. We are Mary. And drawing the breath in deeply, deeply – focus on the mother – the one who birthed your being and the mothers you have known in your life – the one that birthed children, the ones that birthed your own body. Focus on the mothers that you have known. Focus on the mothers that you have criticized or judged for the way they have raised their children, been with their children. Focus on that now and ask forgiveness. Release it back into the earth. Release the earth. Release any judgement of the mother and be open. Be free. Be with me and vibration in harmony. I am Mother Mary, loving you all. I am Mother Mary, embracing you, after the fall. I am Mother Mary, with you now and always. Speaking from the center of the earth, the rocks the caves, I am Mother Mary, with you now. [47:23]

The angelic force runs strong within your beings. Many of you have connections with the angelic force – deep connections. Open your hearts to the angels now – the archangels, the angels all, the guardians of the earth. Open your hearts to the angels and be with the vibrations. Be with the announcements of joy. Be with the truth, the Sword of Truth and Light. Be with the angelic realm as it reclaims the earth. Be with the angelic realm as the earth moves into the higher frequencies, the vibrations of love. Allow the parts to fall away that are no longer of use - your parts and the parts around you on the earth and in the material world. You are vibrating to a new level. You are vibrating to the level of the garden.

I am Quan Yin, speaking from the garden. I am Quan Yin, reminding you of the flowers, reminding you to be with their vibration, to be with their creation, to be with their weavings, to be with their fragrances. I am Quan Yin, speaking from the Garden. The Garden is yours. The bridge is your heart. The garden is the other dimension, the higher dimension leaking into the third, flowing into the third, infusing the 3rd with compassion and joy.

I am Quan Yin. I give you the Garden. I remind you of your ability to be the Garden on the earth and I remind you of the vibration of the flowers that comes to your hearts, to bless you, to remind you of the changes that are going on inside the self. You are transforming, transmutating, mutating, changing. You are shifting. Imagine being a tree, a flower, a plant. Imagine connecting in a new vibratory way. Imagine drawing sustenance from the earth. You draw sustenance from the earth as human beings, but rather than moving in harmony with the plants and the trees, you moved into disharmony and turned towards the animal vibrations, using their vibrations. Indeed they gave their bodies and they gave their spirits to you to help you embody the earth plane. Now you must reclaim your plant nature, your vibratory nature by connecting with the plants, with the trees, with the flowers, with the grasses. This will help create a new harmony on all of the earth. There are many animals on the planet that are releasing themselves from their agreements with the earthlings. They are complete. They are finished with the earth. They are becoming extinct. In among the changes, you will see some of the races of animals begin to leave. Do not mourn for them. Rather praise them, their courage, their strong and stout hearts. Rather enjoy that aspect of animal, mammal, plant – whatever – rather enjoy the power of it. Rather enjoy its sacrifice in choosing to leave and open the door of consciousness as you choose to be here in struggle to open the doorways of consciousness.

And indeed there are many souls that will be leaving in the time period through the end of the year through the beginning of the year. Some will continue to leave in mass consciousness with the baptism of the earth, sometimes fire, sometimes earthquakes, sometimes tsunamis, sometimes quaking, shaking, accidents and so on and so forth. There are those who have chosen to be here at this time to burn karma very rapidly to leave to open the ethers. So learn to be joyous for those who pass. Learn to see the joys in their freedom and learn to understand that many of them consciously on a soul level if not mind level, chose to leave in those ways. It is a baptism of such. You have seen areas of the earth that go through this and some even choose to go through it not from the natural earth but from the distortions of elements such as in the tools and implements of war and these unnatural elements that have been twisted and created into warfare and weapons and so on and so forth also are a form of baptism for souls who have chosen to leave at this time.

So you are charged with holding that light, holding that joy, holding that balance – and at the same time, having it be real - realistically creating it on the earth by at all times being true to yourself in the moments of all your feelings. So you cannot rise above and push down despair or disappointment or confusion or anger or hatred. You must face it. You must face it from the stalwart place of your heart. You must face it from the compassionate center within your being. You must face it from the diamond quality of the pure light mind. You must face it from your physical self. You must face both your beauty and your shadow. You must face yourself and this is where you transform and transform the earth. These sometimes will seem confusing because they are not particularly logical in the way the mind seeks logic. At the same time, they are transformative energies and feelings, so the words roll around you, weave in and out your psyche. Become change. You are change and you are changed – and you are the bringers of change. You are transforming. You are the three fold Violet flame that comes to the earth – the changers and the change, the changing. I am Quan Yin, being with you.

I am Quan Yin, asking you to bless the water in the 3d. I am Quan Yin, asking you to take your vessels of water and to hold them near the hearts. I am asking you to feel the transformation of water to go through the amount of water that you have in your vessel, in your glass, in your bottle. Go get yourself some water. Those of you who have water, begin to embrace it in your hands. Begin to feel the energy from your hands moving through the elements of the vessel, whether it be glass or wood or even the distorted natural elements that are in plastics. Feel your vibration move through your hands and into the waters, connecting with the waters. Breathe the waters back into your being. As you breathe, draw the water through your hands into the vessel, into your veins and into your body. Mix the water with the blood. Mix the water with the wine. Transform into the new vibration. Transform. Feel the magical transformation in your being. As you breathe out, send the energy through your heart touching all the waters of the planet, the reservoirs, the oceans, the polluted waters, the pure waters in the centers of the mountains deep within the springs and the wells of the earth. Touch the waters. Touch all the waters through that water, through the cells in your own body, through the water you hold between your own hands.

I am Quan Yin. The water blessing and the flower blessing come together this day. The water blessing and the flower blessing take place and bless the water as you receive the blessing of the flowers. Holding the water near the heart chakra, turn the third eye to the sky and begin to tone. As you tone, imagine your connection with the water in your body, your cells, the earth, the bodies of water on the earth and feel the flowers fall like drops of rain onto your skin. Drawing it in. I am Quan Yin. [toning]

With the beginning of the Om, turn the third eye towards the sky. As as the Om deepens, let your 3rd eye drop towards the water and your chin towards your chest - deepening the Om. [toning]

Using the rhythm to sink in with the water, to merge with the water, to bless the water - I am Quan Yin. [toning]
My dear one, the water is blessed twice by your presence. You are the changer and the change. You are the change and the changing. I am Quan Yin. Feel the transformation of the water between your palms. Feel it resonating and twinkling within your cells. I am Quan Yin. Use this water. Sprinkle it on your plants. Rub it on your third eye. Keep it in your mouth and bring it into your body. Use this water. Multiply the vibrations of it as you multiply the vibrations of love and joy in your life. Laugh. Remember the water and feel the water vibration running through your laughter into the earth. You are the ones that will remember to bring joy in this time of rebirth. There is still much pain and sorrow releasing and as that pain and sorrow releases, you will feel it in the body. Be open to it. Embrace it. You are the changer and the changed. You are the change. I am Quan Yin speaking from the Garden. I am Quan Yin. Place your vessels down someplace and bring your palms together. Bring your palms together in front of the heart in the prayer pose. Bring the palms together in front of the heart with the fingers pointing towards the sky, and the thumbs resting on the heart chakra. You may rest your chin on the tips of your fingers and you may draw the breath in. Pray with your heart, with your breath, and with your vibration. Let the words come into your own being. We will not give you the words through the channel. Receive the words that come to you now in your hearts – as you pray with the vibration of your heart and soul. Receive the words.

Tone gently to create the ripples of this blessing that will go on and on and on for you in the dreamtime as you place the hands on belly, hands on heart, toning, calling on St. Germain. The blessing will resonate and move through your vibration and dreams as well. [toning softly]

I am the Mother, born of the tears of the struggling one. Daughter of the sorrowing mother, born of the mother in pain, I am the Mother, the compassionate one, born from the tears. I am the Compassionate One, embracing with a thousand arms, all of you. I love you. I am Quan Yin. I am the Compassionate One. Have compassion for yourself and each other. Let my thousand arms catch you. Focus on the vision of the thousand armed Quan Yin. Find it. Seek it. See it in your third eye and feel those thousand arms moving like thousands of petals, softening the heart, caressing the face, wiping the tears from the heart, wiping the blood tears and the salt tears from the eyes. I am Quan Yin. I love you. I am with you. Sit in the stillness and feel the blessings now. Be in the stillness. I am Quan Yin.

Interesting times my friends. Those of you who are together in circles – embrace each others at the end of this call. Interesting times we are in. Dear friends, we have much to be joyful for. That grace that filled your circle tonight. Embrace that grace. Own that grace. Be that grace. Dear friends, we are with you – the Ascended Masters, the Angelic realm, the Mothers, the Compassionate Ones, the Fathers – we are with you.

Birds of a Feather


Hi All, Yesterday we started a new 10 week Sunday Call Series ( Its not too late to join up- see teleconferences)
It is a sign of the very transformational times that we are in that our totems for the week are Owl supported by Raven. Both of these bird totems deal with duality....go to the totem animal link and see how there energies help illuminate your blind side as Owl does for Athena....
Have fun in applying their wisdom to your present situations!

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