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Wisdom Wednesdays FREE Teleconferences



Join Melissa and some special guests for the Wisdom Wednesdays Free Teleconference series!  Calls will start at 5:30 pm Pacific/8:30 pm Eastern.

Wednesday March 2nd : Michelle Skaff ” What is Nrf2; Why we need to know about it” Michelle is an entrepreneur and business leader specializing in health and wellness. She will share the science of the Nrf2 protein messenger,& how to activate it to combat aging and oxidative stress bringing more health and well being into our lives.

Wednesday March 16th: Joseph Aldo– Joseph is an intuitive holistic healer, spiritual mentor, natural health researcher, writer and poet.   Join us as he reads from his new book In an Ecstatic State:Poems of Transformation

Wednesday March 30th: Sonja Elison– Sonja is a certified astrologer by the AFA-American Federation of Astrologers.  Her method combines both traditional and modern techniques. Sonja will be discussing Changing Times and the Influence of the planets on our lives

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